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Description :Are you interested in history and cultural relics? Do you know what the best way is to touch Hangzhou? If you would like to know the city in depth, the tour will bring you to enter the inside of the city. Then, there is your answer.
Tour Code : HZP-15
Price : from US$53 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Hangzhou   (L)

This morning, you will be picked up at 08:30AM from your hotel in Hangzhou.

Your first stop is Zhejiang Provincial Museum built in 1929, which is the most comprehensive on the humanity studies. It has additional ten halls exhibiting over 100,000 treasured Cultural Relics, Celadon Wares, Paintings & Calligraphy, Coins, Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties etc. All the halls are laid out in a pattern of "halls in the gardens and gardens among the halls" with corridors connecting pavilions and towers.

Then, you will visit the national-rank museum-China Tea Museum. It located in Shuang Feng, Long Jing Road and the special subject is about tea and its culture. It is clustered around the tea plantations. Inside, the flower corridors, fake hills, ponds and water-side pavilions are well integrated. So it is made as the park in the south of the Chang Jiang River where has the pure atmosphere and can feel the closeness to nature.

Your following step is to reach China Silk Museum. It is the first national professional silk museum in China and the largest silk museum in the world. Here you will know the original of the silk and see how silk is made and developed even the influence on the Chinese culture. Know more Chinese from the silk.

Taste local cuisines for lunch at a restaurant at about 12:30PM.

In the afternoon, the fourth museum you will visit is Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum, which is located in the west foot of Turtle Hill of Yu Huang Mountain and fully endowed with graceful environment, elegant display, and affluent connotation and well represents and spreads the Chinese culture of ceramic, knowledge about them, and the historical countenance of Hangzhou as the ancient capital of Southern Song Dynasty.

Then, you will have a stop at Hu Qing Yu Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum at the Qing He Fang Old Street. Traditional Chinese medicine uses Taoist philosophy to a large extent. It also relies heavily on the theory of yin-yang, five elements, human body meridian system, Zang Fu organ theory amongst others. To know and understand it all better, do visit the Museum.

Finally, you are going to Hangzhou History Museum, which is to reflect people the completed historical Hangzhou city. It is divided into three floors, which is original society at the first floor, the cultural relic of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty at the second and stamp, painting and calligraphy at the third. Enter into Hangzhou history museum, to appreciate the inside information and to feel the harmony and refinement here.

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