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Description :Hot Spring in Ninghai is one of the three famous hot springs in China. It is surrounded by the well-known Tiantai Mountain and Siming Mountain. The verdant forests will create a huge natural oxygen bar. To roam within, you can find yourself part of Nature. The hot spring also has remarkable curative effects for diseases, such as all kinds of skin diseases, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases as well as diseases regarding the nerves and digestion. Bathing in the spring can make you feel smooth and comfortable all over, and can totally make you revive.
Tour Code : HZNH-001
Price : from US$100 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Ningbo   (No meal included)

It is a kind of free tour for you. We just reserve the hotel accommodation and hot spring.

Upon arrival Ninghai county of Ningbo city, we suggest you start your tour with visiting Tianhe Ecological Scenic Area after your check-in at your hotel.  It is 29 km from Ninghai City. Covering an area of over 100 sq km, and with a typical topographic feature of volcanic rock, the Dasongxi Gorge is well known for its "Four Unique landscapes" of peaks, crags, caves and waterfalls. There, you will have a short experience on Boat Floating on Baixi Reservoir firstly. "Green mountains like screens surround the lake of blue water like a mirror", this is what you can feel when you sits in the boat floating. For its magnificent green mountains lining along the banks, the reservoir is known as "the Three Gorges of Ningbo" and "the Grand Gorges of East Zhejiang".
Upon arrival the pier, you will hike around 1 hour.The area is well known for “steep peaks, quiet valleys, wonderful water, exotic stone, mysterious roots and fantastic mists” and conquers the tourists at home and abroad who come to visit it in admiration of its fame with its “primitiveness, mystery, wildness, majesty and oddness”.
Evening: You could stay at your hotel to enjoy Hot Spring on your own. The hotel has very nice surrounding and is located in Ninghai county northwest, Shenzhen Nanxi territory, 76 km away from the urban area, with 9267 acres of forest resources.
Nanxi Hot Spring of Ninghai:
-- Nanxi Hot Spring lies in Nanxi Village of Shentianchuan Township, 76 kilometers to the downtown of Ninghai County. With a forest resource of 9,627 hectares , the scenic area was approved by the State Department of Forestry in 1991 as a national forest park, and thus it became one of the ten best scenic spots in Ningbo. As a well-known hot-spring resort in Zhejiang, the park is featured in its peaceful mountains, clear waters and dense forests.
Ninghai Nanxi Hot Spring is known as the fairy water and is the treasure of the Chinese nation. Overlooking the whole area, the hot spring looks like a dragon lying across gracefully. Legend has it that the hot spring is the incarnation of a dragon fairy, and it is the dragon vein that the hot spring is coming from.
According to the experts, Nanxi Hot Spring area has a large hot water storage with a constant temperature between 49.5oC and 51oC annually. It contains rich mineral elements of niton, lithium, Strontium(Sr), fluorine, Potassium(K), calcium and others, different from that of sulphur springs. Pure and transparent, alkalescent, with a PH value of 7.9, the spring comes from its headstream 158 meters under the stratum, and its daily outcome volume is 1200 tons, which mainly contains Radon, and also other chemical elements such as F, Mg, Na, etc. A bath in such water moisturizes the skin, refreshes the mind and has obvious curative effects for various kinds of skin diseases, arthritis, nerve and digestion system disorder and heart and vessel diseases. Besides, it also has the function of cancer prevention, hair blackening, tension easing, hypnosis and pain relieving. The hot spring is one of the few middle temperature hot springs rich in sodium carbonate, and well deserves its reputation as the unique treasure in East China.
The summer here, whose temperature is 3-5℃ lower than that of Hangzhou and Ningbo, is a tourist, summer, recuperation, vacation and leisure resort unwonted in East China.
Open time: 12:00pm-17:00pm between Mon. and Thu.
                  09:30am-00:30am between Fri. and Sun.
Tip: -Prepare the swimsuit before Hot Spring.
-Entrance fee includes: Indoor Hot Spring, Outdoor Hot Spring, SPA with fish treatment, Snooker/Billiards, Film, Gymnasium, Swimming pool and SPA etc.   
-Beauty Salon/Manicure, Massage fee etc. is on your own.
 Hotel Option:  Ninghai Spring Hotel      

Day 2

Ningbo   (No meal included)

After breakfast, you are adviced going to visit Ninghai Bund and Xuxiake Road. Strolling along there to feel the local life and enjoy the great and beautiful natural scene around. Then, you could get to Qiantong Ancient Townfor a visit. Among the 2000 household there 80% of them have “Tong” as the surname. As it is located in front of BaixiRiver, it is so named Qiantong (“Qian” means “Before”). Since more than 760 years ago, the Tong’s offspring have lived in this place. Many of the old houses maintain their original appearances as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Village covers an area of only 2 KM with a dense population and close buildings. There are pebble pathways, folk houses, old streets and an ancestral hall. The mainstays are the ancestral hall, old houses and old streets.
Qiantong Ancient Town:
-- Qiantong, Ninghai is a special ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. About 10 km from the Ninghai City. At the end of the Song Dynasty (420-479) the ancestors of the Tongs came to this land and were attracted by it. They decided to settle here and then built a village. Since then it has been named Qiantong. The village was built on the basin among two mountains and two rivers. The former refers to TashanMountain in the east and LushanMountain in the west; while the latter refers to BaixiRiver in the south and LianghuangRiver in the north. The Tongs ancestors, who were very good at geographical surveying, chose this place as their home, because they like BaixiRiver running past the village. Originated from TiantaiMountain, the river passes the village by its front and runs into SanmenBay. For generations people in Qiantong village watered their land with the water from the river. Their ancestors also introduced the river into the village, following the principle of the Eight Diagrams of Chinese Taoism, and built Water Eight Diagrams there.
Today, what a tourist see in the Qiantong old town-the winding pebble-paved paths, old courtyards, carved beams and painted rafters, the weathered stone mortar, water basin, carved handrails, the 600-year-old well and others, makes him/her think of the historical vicissitudes and rich cultural buildup of this place. One will surely soar the sentiments about the past. Many movies have been shot in this place, including the new movie Music Box produced by the late artist and director Chen Yifei, which have vividly depicted the charm of the old town.


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