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Description :Zhuge Village is located at the west of Lanxi City, which is about 200 km. away from Hangzhou through Hangzhou-Jinghua-Xuzhou expressway. It is known as one of eight diagrams because its layout is in conformity of the Eight Diagrams developed by Mr. Zhuge Liang, a prime minister in the Three Kingdoms Period about 1,800 years ago. Most villagers have the surname of Zhuge and the culture of the village combines traditional, folk culture, agro-farming and town culture together.
Tour Code : HZEC-19
Price : from US$119 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Hangzhou   (L)

This morning, you wll be picked up at 08:30AM from your hotel.Then, you will take a coach around 2 hours to reach the village as China's Most Unique Village. What calm and sedate you long for is found when you get the ancient village.

The village center is Chinese Taiji Bell Pond where is legendary power from mysterious universe and divided into Yin - water and Yang land according to Chinese Feng shui. Eight lanes radiate outward from it, forming the inner Eight diagrams and carving the village into eight blocks. The village is surrounded by eight hills, representing the outer Eight diagrams.

To new comers, the village is like a labyrinth, with many dead-end lanes impossible to navigate without a guide. Local residents are proud that the confusing layout of the village has helped defeat enemies.

At lunch time, you are going to taste local cuisines at the local restaurant.

In the afternoon, you will keep visiting at the village. When you walk on these ancient roads, it is unavoidable to let you have misconception that you may think you are the ancients. To talk with local villagers to know native life that must impact on you endless.

Finally, you will be transferred by your diver back to Hangzhou. End of your unforgettable trip.

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