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Description :We offer ethnic tours with a distinct experience selecting exquisitely designed guesthouses. This fascinating tour of the lakeside town of Erhai and the ancient city Dali will give you the opportunity to learn about the Bai minority, its history, culture, architecture and lifestyle.
Tour Code : DL-02
Price : from US$508 p/p
Departure Date : You choose!

Day 1

Dali   (D)

Dali-Xizhou Town

Upon arrival, you will be driven from Dali Airport to the Linden Centre hotel.  After checking in you will plan the itinerary for the following days with the travel advisor of Linden Centre.


 Hotel Option
-- Linden Centre (themed hotel)

Day 2

Dali   (B, D)

Xizhou Town

You can enjoy a whole day in the ancient town of Xizhou.


 Hotel Option
Linden Centre (themed hotel)

Day 3

Dali   (B, D)

Visits : Three Pagodas, Dali Ancient City: city of Fragrance


Enjoy a whole day in the ancient city of Dali.


 Hotel Option

Linden Centre   (themed hotel)

Day 4

Dali   (B)


Today you will be transferred to Dali Airport for the departure flight, endingyourmemorable tour ofthe mysterious and peaceful land in China.


Activity Options in Dali and Xizhou

-Escorted walking tour through Xizhou -- inclusive of local temples, markets, old residential houses of Bai minority.
-Horse and cart tour through the lakeside villages of ErHai.
-Guided tour through the Linden Centre experiencing its history, architecture and antiques.
-Escorted tour of Dali city with sightseeing, shopping and education.
-Three days bicycle rental.  
-Seethe local crafts and trade skills of the Bai minority people including masonry and cheese making.


 Hotel Hospitality and facility

-Manager´s welcome reception with tea/wine/cheese and local snacks.
-Coffee, sodas and basic teas at any time.
-All rooms equipped with western mattresses, private western-style bathroom and local style furniture.
-Free in-room and center-wide Internet access.

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  • 1-888-414-0686 (US & CA)
  • 1-800-982-536 (AU)
  • 0-808-189-0371 (UK)
  • 0086-571-85278076 (Intl)

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