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Beijing - Hangzhou - Shanghai

Description :February 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of former US President Richard Nixon's historic Cold War visit to China. If you are interested in seeing what he saw, staying at the hotels where he stayed, come with us. We will show you the actual China with its remarkable discoveries.
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Day 1

Beijing   (No meal included)

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the guide and be transferred to your hotel in the city center. 



On February 21, 1972, the 37th President of the United States Mr. Richard Nixon and his wife Mrs. Patricia Nixon arrived in Beijing and were warmly received by Premier Zhou Enlai. They shook hands for a few minutes like old friends,marking a big step forward for US–China relations. Nixon met Chairman Mao Zedong and Zhou at Mao´s home, where they discussed various issues for more than an hour. Mao was impressed by Nixon, whom he thought was forthright. That evening a formal welcoming party was given in the Great Hall of People. The following day Nixon met with Zhou. They reached the agreement that the USA recognized Taiwan as a part of China while China should seek a peaceful solution to the problem of reunification. During his stay in Beijing Nixon toured architectural wonders including the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, and the Great Wall, among which he liked the Great Wall the most. He commented: “Great Wall is a great wall.” Nixon and his entourage traveled to Hangzhou on February 26, where he took a boat ride on the famous West Lake. He brought four redwood saplings which were then planted in the Flower Harbor Park and Botanical Garden. The next day the president went to Shanghai and left for the USA on February 28, 1972. His week in China turned marked a new positive beginning of US–China relations, which was a very important and memorable event in the history.

Day 2

Beijing   (B, L, D)

Visits : Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing Summer Palace

After enjoying your breakfast visit Tiananmen Square, which is a must for tourists visiting Beijing city. It will take about one hour to walk around the largest public square in the world. The dignified architecture and stately layout of the square make it an eye-catching place. Next you will tour the Forbidden City which was the imperial palace for Ming and Qing emperors for over 500 years. The third Ming Emperor YongLe moved the capital of China to Beijing in early 1400. UNESCO cited that the imperial palaces provide outstanding examples of the greatest palatial architectural ensembles in China.

This afternoon you will visit the magnificent Summer Palace – a retreat where the imperial court spent the summer months. One of several features to look for here is the hand painted murals in the 722m long corridor identified as the longest covered pavilion on record.

Qianmen Street, no more than 2km long, has been a prosperous area for more than 600 years and has accumulated some long-standing stores. We will walk along Qianmen Street to have a look at the old Beijing. Tonight you will enjoy Beijing Duck.

Day 3

Beijing   (B, L, D)

Visits : The Great Wall of China

Today take an excursion to the Great Wall of China. The picturesque Badaling Section represents the Ming era construction. Enjoy a pleasant hike or ascend to the top beacon tower via cable car. After having lunch continue the tour to Changling Tomb. Changling is the tomb of Emperor Zhudi, known as Yongle (1360–1420), and his empress Xushi. Yongle was the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Construction of his tomb began in 1409 and was completed in 1427. It is the largest of the Ming tombs among the 13 mausoleums in the vicinity of TianshouMountain. This evening enjoy the fantastic Beijing Opera (seated in the VIP area).

Day 4

Beijing   (B, L, D)

Visits : National Grand Theatre, Temple of Heaven

After breakfast step out to visit the National Grand Theatre, which looks like a huge green park with a silver oval grand theater encircled by green water. The shell, made of titanium metal and glass, radiates beauty with the sunshine during the day and the fast-changing multi-colored lights at night. The surroundings of the Grand Theater are semi-transparent, golden netted glass walls. People can see the sky inside the building through its dome.

Proceed to Temple of Heaven. The magnificent and colorful Temple of Heaven (TianTan) was where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would offer sacrifices to heaven and pray for good harvests.

After having lunch go to visit 798 Art Zone, a thriving artist community nestled in an abandoned military factory building featuring typical Bauhaus architectural style – with a perfect combination of practicality and concision. Because of the typical modernism, the orderly-planned courtyard and the distinctive architectural style, more and more artists are attracted to settle here and have formed the present 798 Art Zone gradually.

Spend time exploring some of Beijing´s old Hutongs (alleyways), and the traditional courtyardsby pedicab. NanluoguXiang is worth visiting. This quaint little street (over a kilometer long) is packed with bars, cafes, restaurants and shops all designed in classical Chinese Hutong style. It is one of the best preserved old Hutong areas in downtown Beijing.

Tonight watch a fantastic Chinese Kung Fu performance.

Day 5

Beijing -> Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

Visits : Impression West Lake

Today you will be transferred to the airport for the flight to Hangzhou. Flight: CA1702 (1100–1300)

After lunch we go to Flower Harbor Park. Visiting Flower Harbor is a trip into a picturesque poem. You can look at fish, admire flowers, touch trees, listen to birds chirping, and witness the exodus of spring. You will find yourself close to nature by looking up at the sky, looking down at reflections in water, trying to memorize the momentary shapes of clouds, strolling in a drizzle, or counting stars glittering in the universe.

Then the day comes to the highlight – the West Lake. The West Lake scenic area is half by the mountains and half by the city downtown. While the best place to discover the beauty of the lake must be in the two causeways over the bridge. So our essential lake cruising tour with rowing boat will be just along the famous Su Causeway.

Our boat will take us to Water Paintings along the causeway. During the cruise we will see the causeway elegantly strengthened along the lake, and small isles dotted in the lake. We will go to the one named Three Pools Mirroring the Moon for a tour around.

Tonight we will take the chance to enjoy Impression West Lake directed by Zhang Yimou. Never heard of Zhang Yimou? Did you happen to catch the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony? Mr. Zhang is the one who did all the coordination.

Staged entirely upon the lake itself (a stage has been built three centimeters below the surface), Impression West Lake is a spectacle of light, music, dance and theatrics. The story is based on a Hangzhou legend. With the lake and its surroundings as props, lights and hundreds of actors create a sensational performance.

Day 6

Hangzhou -> Shanghai   (B, L, D)

Visits : Lingyin Temple, Six Harmony Pagoda

After enjoying your breakfast we proceed to Lingyin temple. Commonly translated as Temple of the Soul´s Retreat, it is one of the largest and wealthiest temples in China. It was originally founded in 326 AD, and has been rebuilt no less than 16 times since then. The current buildings are modern restorations of late Qing buildings. The hillside to the south of the temple is also famous as a site of old Buddhist caves and rock carvings.

Then our tour will proceed to the Meijiawu Tea Plantation. Hangzhou is the birthplace of the best green tea – Dragon Well Tea – in China and has along history of tea culture. You will visit with the farmers, talk to them and have a cup of Dragon Well Green Tea. Lunch will be served in the farmer house or a restaurant nearby.

Our next stop is Six Harmonies Pagoda.This very tall pagoda is located on the Qiantang River in Hangzhou. It was built during the Northern Song Dynasty in 970 AD but then destroyed in a war. It was rebuilt and ruined several more times. The current brick and wood structure dates back to 1152. The wooden corridors around the Pagoda´s 13 floors were built in 1900. The Pagoda is 196.5 feet tall and has 13 stories outside and seven inside. The six harmonies refer to the six regulations of Buddhism as well as the six directions (heaven, earth, north, south, east, and west.) A bright lamp installed in the top also allowed it to serve as a lighthouse.

After having lunch you will  be transferred to the railway station for the train to Shanghai.
Train: G7320 (16:00-16:49)
Round off the day with a visit the world famous Chinese Acrobats before returning to your hotel.

Day 7

Shanghai   (B, L, D)

Visits : Shanghai Old Street, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza

Today you will see the classic sights from the Ming and Qing dynasties, the enchanting Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Old Street. The garden covers a significant space and includes many halls, springs and other buildings of interest. The visit brings you back to Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).

In the afternoon wander in the Former French Concession and visit old street wonder of Shanghai-TianZi Fang Center. You will find that the place is dotted with fascinating old local Shikumenhouses which form part of Shanghai´s folk identity. Life goes on in a slow and easy pace in TianZi Fang, and in no time you will find yourself engrossed in its rather homely spirit.

Then we go up to Shanghai World Financial Center. Soaring 474 meters above the ground, the 100th floor observation deck has a giant window in the sky, with a commanding view of Shanghai and the Huangpu River below.

After a drive along the former French Concession District, characterized by beautiful, tree-lined streets and weathered European architecture, you will finally be able to stretch your legs in the hottest new entertainment district, XinTian Di. The brick buildings on these two-square blocks have been preserved and transformed into trendy clubs, restaurants and boutiques.

You will have time on your own here, or you can go back to your hotel.

At night our trip starts with an evening cruise on the Huangpu River, which divides the Bund into two sections, Pu Dong and Pu Xi, which mean east of river and west of river respectively. Local people honor the Huangpu as Mother River, and as you view the lights and spectacle from the deck of your evening cruise, you will understand why.

Day 8

Shanghai   (B)

Free till being transfered to the airport. End of the fabulous tour in China.

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