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Shanghai - Suzhou - Wuzhen - Hangzhou - Guilin - Yangshuo - Xian - Beijing

Description :This is an excellent tour covering the main destinations that appeal to first time visitors presenting the perfect blend of China's ancient culture and modern development.
Tour Code : CHP-04
Price : from US$2272 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Shanghai   (D)

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the guide and be transfered to your hotel in the city center.

Day 2

Shanghai   (B, L)

Visits : Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum, The Bund

This morning you will visit a household community and a local family to experience what they usually do in a day, including having Chinese speciality morning tea like You Tiao, which is made of dough and popular for its crisp skin and soft and fluffy inner part, as well as soybean milk, and traditional pastries etc.

You will have the opportunity to stroll around the Morning Market, which is abundant with fruits, vegetables, household supplies and all kinds things, including the sounds of bargaining and chit-chat floating in the air.

You can take a walk in Shanghai′s special lanes to feel the quaint atmosphere. You may also have the chance to enter a kindergarten!
In the afternoon explore the Shanghai Museum. It is one of the three best museums in China. Then have a walk along the Bund, which is lined with many historical buildings.  After that, stroll along Nanjing Road, the most famous pedestrian street in Shanghai. In the evening, you will enjoy a fantastic acrobatic performance.


A Ying Bao Restaurant
The restaurant is located No. 239 Shanxi South Road Huangpu District. It mainly serves Shanghai local dishes. It is popular among local people for its braised food.

Day 3

Shanghai -> Suzhou   (B, L)

Visits : Hanshan Temple, Garden of the Master of the Nets(Wang Shi Garden), Tiger Hill

This morning head for the railway station and take a safe, fast and comfortable train-ride to Suzhou where you will pay a visit to Hanshan Temple. After lunch visit Tiger Hill, a small hill famous for historical events once happening there. Then you will have a walk along the Grand Canal, which used to connect the North of China with the South. Later on, move on to the Nets Master Garden, a classic garden-style residential complex.
Shanghai/Suzhou by train G7058 08:52-09:20 (for reference only)

Day 4

Suzhou -> Wuzhen   (B, L)

This morning visit the silk factory. Founded in 1926 this factory tour shows the life of a silkworm. After lunch you will be transfered to Wuzhen. After that, pay a visit to the west section of Wuzhen.

Day 5

Wuzhen -> Hangzhou   (B, L)

Today pay a visit to the east section of Wuzhen, a small lovely water town with a river winding through it. The houses there have white walls and grey tiles. They stand closely against each other on each side of the river. Taking a short cruise over the river, you can enjoy the waterside scenery. In the afternoon you will be transfered to Hangzhou by private car.

Day 6

Hangzhou   (B, L)

Visits : West Lake

In the morning, take a Taiji Class and practice with a professional teacher in Hangzhou for around two hours. Then visit historical Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum and take a leisurely stroll along Hefang Street where you find yourself stepping back in time to the 12th century when Hangzhou served as the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty. Afterwards take a West Lake cruise tour and pay a visit to the Meijiawu Tea Village, home of the finest green tea in China – Longjing (Dragon Well).



Butterfly Laguna Restaurant (Nanshan Road)
Enjoy the fantastic Southeast Asian food. It is a buffet, so eat as much as you can.

Day 7

Hangzhou -> Guilin   (B, L)

Visits : Reed Flute Cave(Lu Di Yan),the Most Popular Karst Cave on Earth

After enjoying your breakfast you will be transfered to the airport and take a flight to Guilin. In the afternoon pay a visit to Reed Flute Cave, known as a Palace of Natural Art, it is full of stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and sizes which, with the multicolored lighting system, resembles a scene from Journey to the Center of the Earth. The cave was a frequent refuge for the local people escaping bandits and war in the past.



Guilin Qian Shui Wan Restaurant
This restaurant is located in city center, west of the Liberation Bridge. You can enjoy a good view of the Li River and Seven Star park.
Hangzhou/Guilin by flight SC4951 10:30-12:35 (for reference only) .

Day 8

Guilin -> Yangshuo   (B, L)

Visits : West Street (Xi Jie) in Yangshuo

After enjoying your breakfast make this day special with trip on the Li River Cruise to witness the spectacular limestone rock formations and rural life along the riverbanks. In the afternoon stop at Yangshuo, a small town set in the lush rice paddies and surrounded by meandering rivers and limestone peaks. After that, stroll along West Street to experience the local color.

Day 9

Yangshuo -> Guilin   (B, L)

Today take a cycling tour around Yangshuo to see the rural scenery. After lunch you will be transfered to Guilin by private car where you will take an excursion to Daxu, a well-preserved village where old houses and traditional crafts still prevail.

Day 10

Guilin -> Xian   (B, L)

Visits : The Big Wild Goose Pagoda

After breakfast you will be transfered to the airport for the flight to Xian.

In the afternoon have an unforgettable tour taking in the History Museum, Wild Goose Pagoda and City Walls. Big Wild Goose Pagoda was built in AD652 to house and protect Buddhist scriptures brought back from India by a famous Chinese monk Xuanzang, who spent 17 years traveling to India for the scriptures and translating them into Chinese. His journey has been described in the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.



Jiang Nan Restaurant
Featuring home-made dishes from both Middle China and Eastern China cuisine in a nice environment.
Guilin/Xian by flight CZ6375 09:30-11:15 (for reference only) .

Day 11

Xian   (B, L)

Visits : Terra-Cotta Warriors, Great Mosque, Muslim Street(Huimin Street)

After breakfast visit the world famous Terracotta Warriors. They were discovered in 1974 and considered one of the eight wonders in the world. In the afternoon walk along the old streets of the Muslim area and visit the Grand Mosque.


Jia San Guan Tang Bao Zi Restaurant
The most famous of the Jia Brothers´ restaurants, the speciality dish is guantang baozi, with a choice of beef, lamb, or "three flavors" -- lamb, mushroom, and prawn.

Day 12

Xian -> Beijing   (B, L)

Visits : Temple of Heaven

Today you will be transfered to the airport for the flight to Beijing.
In the afternoon pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven where emperors of the Qing and Ming dynasties conducted religious rituals and prayed for good harvests. It is one of the most important landmarks of Beijing. And then you are going to have Hutong Rickshaw Tour, where you will explore some of Beijing′s old Hutongs – the traditional courtyard residences cut into blocks by narrow alleyways.
Xian/Beijing by flight MU2109 09:00-10:50 (for reference only)
Chu Wan Yuan
The wood-furnished dining room, with its high beamed ceilings and tight squeeze of tables, exudes a tavern-esque aura that seems to tease out congeniality from all present, making for a lively atmosphere that borders on raucous.
Optional Item:
Cheongsam Design and Production
We will invite a professional dressmaker to your hotel tonight. The dressmaker will measure and record your body sizes and tailor-make a Qipao within 48 hours. You can have a long or a short one, depending on your own preference. Qipao is also known as Cheongsam. Originally, it was a one-piece wide and loose dress worn by Manchu women. After years of refinement, it became a tight-fitting dress that showcases the beauty of a woman’s figure and was very popular in China from the 1920s to the 1940s. Although now Qipao is not a common choice for daily wear, Chinese women still have one or two in their wardrobes for special occasions such as weddings because Qipao is associated with femininity, elegance and dignity. These features never fade away as the time goes by.
Price for long Cheongsam:
Low Class: from usd$157                   
Superior Class: from usd$315                   
Top Class: from usd$492
Price for short Chengsam:
Low Class: from usd$118                   
Superior Class: from usd$$256                   
Top Class: from usd$452

Day 13

Beijing   (B, L)

Visits : Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Summer Palace

After breakfast you will visit Tiananmen Square, the biggest city square in the world. Covering 440,000 square meters, it has witnessed many important historic events. Then pay a visit to the Forbidden City, one of the five most famous palaces in the world where 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived and ruled for over 500 years. In the afternoon visit the Summer Palace, which used to be a summer resort of Empress Dowager Cixi. It is dominated by the 60 meter high Longevity Hill and the beautiful Kunming Lake.  Tonight we will enjoy a fantastic Chinese Kung Fu Performance.



Da Wan Ju
Dawanju serves Beijing and Chongqing style food as well as the famous Beijing Duck. Their service is great too.

Day 14

Beijing   (B, L)

Visits : Juyongguan Great Wall, Sacred Road of The Ming Tombs

After breakfast visit the Juyongguan Section of Great Wall. Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, it is an important strategic gateway leading to Inner Mongolia. Juyongguan Pass is not only a military stronghold but a beautiful scenic spot. After lunch you will visit Changling Tomb where emperor Yongle and his empress are buried it is also the first and the largest of all the Ming Tombs. You will also get the opportunity to walk along the Sacred Way, which is lined with animals, mystical beasts and four statues.

Day 15

Beijing   (B)

Free till being transfered to the airport. End of the fabulous tour in China.

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