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Ancient Silk Road Exploration: 16 Days Beijing-Urumqi-Turpan-Kashgar-Dunhuang-Xian-Shanghai
Highlights of this package

- Stay at luxury and best available hotels;
- Visit world heritage sites in Beijing and Xian;
- Historical cities along the ancient Silk Road;
- Home to fruits and melons: Turpan;
- China's westernmost frontier city: Kashgar;
- World famous Dunhuang Caves and Dunhuang Culture;
- Peaceful water village of Luzhi;
- Jazz band in Peace Hotel Shanghai.

Day 1 - Beijing (No meal included)
A top tourist attraction in Beijing

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the guide and be transferred to your hotel in the city center. Check into your hotel for a four-night stay. Enjoy a free night to relax after your long flight.

Day 2 - Beijing (B, L, D)
A top tourist attraction in Beijing

After enjoying your breakfast your tour begins with a walk through Tiananmen Square, which is the world's largest with a capacity to hold over one million people. Continue through the beautiful Gate of Heavenly Peace to enter the splendid Fobidden City. It was the sacred heart of the empire for about 500 years (1420 - 1911), totally 24 Ming and Qing Dynasty emperors lived and ruled here. Your tour here will include access to two special exhibition halls, Hall of Clocks and Treasure Gallery, which are not included in normal tours.

Have lunch at Xiao Wang Fu. It is the first privately run restaurant receiving the Five Stars Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for its excellent food and service.

After having lunch embark on a pedi-cab tour of the hutongs(alleyways) in Beijing's historic Houhai(Back Lakes)district. These alleyways containing traditional courtyard homes used to be neighborhoods in Beijing. Though many have been torn down to make room for modern buildings, some are saved and well preserved. On this tour, you will get to visit several homes and chat with the families who reside in them, a rare insight into everyday life of Beijingers.

Tonight enjoy a traditional Peking duck dinner at Dadong Restaurant which is considered by many as the best duck restaurant in Beijing and repeatedly voted "Best Chinese Restaurant of the Year" in Beijinger's Annual Restaurant Awards. The skin of the duck at Dadong is crispy and you dont find any oil at all in the duck meat, more tasty and healthier.

Day 3 - Beijing (B, L)
Mutianyu Great Wall

Today head for the superb Mutianyu section of the 2,000-year-old Great Wall, which is the country's most famous attraction and one of the few sights in the world that is still able to exceed the expectations of visitors. Walking along the walls and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. Cable car ride is available to save your energy.

Enjoy authentic American food at Beijing Schoolhouse Restaurant located in the nearby Mutianyu Village.

In the afternoon visit the Summer Palace, a royal residence set among traditional Chinese gardens on the beautiful Kunming Lake.

Stroll along the famous Long Corridor and enjoy the traditional imperial architecture.

Dinner will be your own arrangement tonight.

Day 4 - Beijing | Urumqi (B, L)
A top tourist attraction in Beijing

This morning you will visit the spectacular Temple of Heaven, one of the most important landmarks of Beijing and a magnificent example of ceremony architecture, where emperors offered ritual sacrifices and prayed for good harvests.

Have lunch at Na Jia Xiao Guan, a great place to get a sense of old Beijing and Manchurian cuisine.

After having lunch you will be transferred to the airport and take flight to Urumqi. After that, flight:CZ6908(China Southern,3:45 pm - 7:45 pm).

Upon arrival in Urumqi, you will be met by your local guide and transferred to your hotel.

Dinner is not included tonight.

Day 5 - Urumqi | Turpan (B, L)
A top tourist attraction in Urumqi

This morning you will be driven to Turpan. Turpan is an oasis town 154 meters below sea level, with its bazaar, old town and mosques.

Today, your tour highlights include the Jiaohe Ruins (with a history of over 2,500 years), the Karez underground irrigation system and Grape Valley.

Turpan is famous for its grapes, especially the seedless variety, called sultanas when dried.

This afternoon taste typical local dishes for lunch.

Day 6 - Turpan (B, L)
A top tourist attraction in Turpan

After enjoying your breakfast set off for the lowest elevation in China - Aydingkol Lake.

Though it is only about 50 km from Turpan city but the road condition is all ready to give you a "free massage". So for today's mode of transportation we hop onto 4WD to get to the lake.

Enjoy lunch at Huozhou Hotel.

This afternoon go visit the Flaming Mountain, the ruins of Gao Chang - an ancient Chinese Silk Road garrison town, where you will be taken by donkey cart to visit the temple area, the Emin Minaret and the Bezeklik Caves, where "Bezeklik" means "a place with beautiful decorations".

Then move on to Tuyoq Village which is an oasis-village in the Taklamakan desert, with a well preserved Uyghur orientation and few tourists.

Being an oasis in the desert, this traditional village boasts of vineyards, orchards, narrow streets and irrigation channels tumbling between ancient mud brick houses and shady trees against the backdrop of the bare, red Flaming Mountains.

We can take an easy stroll to a group of very ancient caves carved into the mountainside. We can stop and enjoy the surroundings, or climb the steep stairways to view some of the caves, parts of their frescoes still visible, with both Buddhist and Nestorian connections.

Dinner is not included tonight.

Day 7 - Turpan | Urumqi | Kashgar (B, L, D)
A top tourist attraction in Turpan

After breakfast you will be driven to Urumqi . After that, visit the Regional Museum famous for ancient mummies excavated from the Tarim basin. Pay a visit to Erdaoqiao Market where you can buy ethnic musical instruments, caps, Aidis (tei-dyed) silk and ethnic costume.

Have lunch at a local restaurant.

After lunch you will be transferred to the airport and take flight to Kashgar. After that, flight: CZ6807 (China Southern,6:00 pm - 7:35 pm).

Upon arrival in Kashgar your local guide will meet you and transfer you to your hotel.

Dinner will be served at Kashi Tianyuan International Hotel.

Day 8 - Kashgar (B, L, D)
Abakh Khoja Mausoleum

Today visit Apakhoja tombs.

They are family tombs of local ruler of Kashgar in 16th century, and an Islamic architectural complex building with beautiful tiles made in Persia.

Next you visit Idkah mosque, the largest mosque in Xinjiang.

Have lunch at Nuran Restaurant.

After having lunch you will visit handy craft street and old town.

If it is Sunday, you can visit Sunday bazaar which is very special local flavour, SUNDAY MARKET - taking in all areas of the market place - the boot, hat, textile and spice markets.

Enjoy dinner at Altun Orda Restaurant.

Day 9 - Kashgar | Urumqi (B, L)
A top tourist attraction in Kashgar

Today you will visit Moor Pagoda which is the earliest Buddhist pagoda in China built in 3rd century.

Continue to Beshkerem Village for a visit to local market.

Enjoy lunch at Kashi Tianyuan International Hotel. After lunch you will be transferred to the airport and take flight to Urumqi. After that, flight: CZ6806 (China Southern, 3:35 pm - 4:55 pm).

Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

Dinner is your own choice tonight.

Day 10 - Urumqi | Dunhuang (B)
A top tourist attraction in Urumqi

This morning enjoy a free morning at leisure.

After having lunch you will be transferred to the airport and take flight to Dunhuang.

Day 11 - Dunhuang (B, L)
A top tourist attraction in Dunhuang

This morning, you will visit the Crescent Moon Lake, which forms an oasis at the desert´s edge. The tiny lake shines like a diamond in the sand.
Lunch is at Dunhuang Hotel.

After lunch visit the world famous Mogao Caves. It was the largest, best preserved and richest treasure house of Buddhist artifacts in the world. In 1987 the caves were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Day 12 - Dunhuang | Xian (B, D)
A top tourist attraction in Dunhuang

After breakfast enjoy a free morning at leisure.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to the airport and take flight to Xian.
Tonight you will enjoy dinner at Tang Palace while watching a fantastic dancing show Tang Dynasty Show. It is quite impressive and reflects the social conditions and culture of Tang Dynasty (618-907) vividly.

Day 13 - Xian | Shanghai (B, L)
A top tourist attraction in Xian

Today depart with your guide and driver for Xian´s most famous attraction,the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum,one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.

Your tour here will see the archaeologists working in the pit as the warriors are still being excavated.
Enjoy lunch at Real Love Chang An, Xian´s best-known restaurant. You will be deeply impressed by both its tasty dishes and excellent decoration.

In the afternoon enjoy a leisurely walk on the Bell and Drum Tower Square.

Later on, you will be transferred to the airport and take flight to Shanghai. After that, flight: MU2151 (China Eastern, 4:00 pm - 6:05 pm).

Then be transferred to your hotel.

Day 14 - Shanghai (B, L)
Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza

After enjoying your breakfast visit the lively People's Square, a popular area for Shanghai residents to do morning stretching exercises and a good spot to take in a panoramic vista of the city.

Continue to the Urban Planning Museum to learn more about the city's future and past and to see a scale model of how Shanghai will look in 2020.

Then stop in at the Shikumen Museum, where a traditional courtyard home is decorated as it would have been in the 1920s.

Lunch will be served to you at Din Tai Fung Restaurant which is highly praised for its 'steam dumplings' and many other authentic dim sum items.

In the afternoon Move on to the Former French Concession to experience a mixture of both Chinese and Parisian taste. After that visit the trendy boutiques and restaurants in the Xintiandi district.

Dinner will be your own choice tonight.

Day 15 - Shanghai | Suzhou | Shanghai (B, L, D)
A top tourist attraction in Shanghai

After breakfast you will be driven to Suzhou. After that, visit two famous classic gardens namely the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Master of Nets Garden.

Then pay a visit to Suzhou Museum which is designed by the famous architect I.M. Pei.

Enjoy lunch at Deyuelou Restaurant which is a time-honored restaurant in Suzhou. It is well-known for its history and the delicious local-taste dishes there.

In the afternoon On the way back you stop by Luzhi, a very different styled water town. Much smaller than Suzhou, Luzhi features well-preserved ancient houses and buildings, and its intricate system of canals is connected by a number of stone bridges.

you will be transferred to Shanghai.Tonight you will dine at Jean Georges, a very nice restaurant on the Bund that offers wonderful views across the river of the Pudong skyline.

After dinner go to the historic Peace Hotel to hear its famous jazz band.

Day 16 - Shanghai (B)
A top tourist attraction in Shanghai

Free till being transfered to the airport. End of the fabulous tour in China.

Service included

-15 nights accommodation in the best selected five star hotels.
-15 breakfasts,12 lunches and 5 dinners at best selected restaurants (soft drinks & local beer or wine included).
- Professional local English speaking guide. For group of 6 or more persons we offer a complimentary national escort with rich knowledge and experiences.
-All internal flights (Beijing/Urumqi, Urumqi/Kashgar/Urumqi,
Urumqi/Dunhuang, Dunhuang/Xian, Xian/Shanghai).
-All land transportation.
-Entrance fees to all tourist attractions.
-Travel Agency's Liability Insurance.
-Service charge and government taxes.

Service not included

- International transportation to Beijing and out of Shanghai
- Chinese visa
- Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge (please verify your flight documentation), beverages, laundry services, etc.
- Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide


 1. The price is for per person with a minimum of 2 persons;
2. Price for people prefering to travel alone on request;
3. For groups of 6 and more (less than 16), we offer a complimentary national escort.
4. Price for a group of 10 to 16 persons is on request.
5. Best season to make a tour to Xinjiang is between June and October.  August is the hottest month
     but  you don't feel sweaty and uncomfortable because of the rapid evaporation.


As the Cultural, Political and Economic Nexus of China, Beijing, an international megapolis without borders, is a city of contrasts, sounds, scents and sensations.Ambling through this city, you will be on a journey shuttling between the past and the future constantly. No matter what you are looking for, its dramatic cityscape, fascinating contrasts and impeccable vibrancy are bound to fulfill. Read More: Beijing City Guide .

-Forbidden City

-Temple of Heaven

-Beijing Summer Palace

-Mutianyu Great Wall

-Tiananmen Square


As the furthest inland city in China, Urumqi gives you feelings of sunshine, flowers blossoming, beautiful Uygur girls with colorful clothing and a religious atmosphere from the mosques which dot all over the city. It is also a city of elegance, with much palace-like architecture, even for some supermarket buildings. Antique and musical instrument shops as well as exotic snack stalls are common sights.


Turpan, in ancient Turki means a rich and fertile area. The sweetest grapes in the world are all around the Turpan Basin region, with majestic and beautiful sceneries beside. You can appreciate the scenery while enjoying the grapes in daytime, or eat them while you are enjoying the romantic Uygur dances and songs in the evening. If you look at the map of Xinjiang, you will notice a very low spot on it, marked -155 m, and this lowest point in the world inside the Turpan Basin is called Aydingkol Lake (Moonlight Lake) which is a place famous for its extremely hot and dry environment.

-The Ancient City of Gaochang

-The Thousand-Buddha Caves of Bezklik

-The Flaming Mountain


There is no crowded and noisy place in Kashgar, Xinjiang of northwestern China, where the local people say that if you havent been to Kashgar, you havent been to the Xinjiang region. The old city of Kashgar is a pure Uygur town, and you can always hear the prayer of Almighty Allah from the mosque tower when youre standing on the top of one of the yellow earth buildings in town. Uygur merchants are unlike the ordinary businessmen. They are so quiet and they dont shout loudly to sell their merchandises on the streets, because people are very familiar with all the things that they are selling.

-Id Kah Mosque

-Abakh Khoja Mausoleum

-Old City of Kashgar


Dunhuang is a famous tourist city, where the landmark is an attractive statue called Playing Pipa (a Chinese musical instrument) in a Reverse Direction, the idea of which comes from the mural in Mogao Caves, a shrine to the culture and arts of Dunhuang. In ancient times, Dunhuang was the center of trade between China and its western neighbors. At that time, it was the most westerly frontier military garrison in China. With the flourishing of trade along the Silk Road, Dunhuang was prompted to become the most open area in international trade in Chinese history. It provided the only access westward for the Chinese Empire and eastward for western nationalities. Today, as a reminder of this historical area, we are left with the Mogao Caves, Yangguan Pass, Yumenguan Pass and many wonderful Chinese poems depicting the time. Although what remains of the two Passes are crumbling walls, one can still experience the atmosphere of that time while visiting in person.

-Mogao Grottoes

-Singing Sand Mountain and Crescent Spring


The antique and modernity overlaps in Xian to form a seamless union appealing to travelers. Stare down the Terra Cotta Warriors, mount the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, meander along the City Wall, browse through the Muslim Street, be awed by the Tang Dynasty show and seal your stay with a sumptuous Dumpling Feast.

-Terra-Cotta Warriors


Shanghai is a city mushrooming along the scenic Huangpu River. Ancient gardens and relics contrast with futuristic high rises. Water towns encircle its urban core. Temples,churches and cathedrals coexist in this melting pot. Come to explore Shanghai and fall in love with a city with no boundary...

-Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza


In heaven there is paradise, on earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Steeped in history and romanticized by poems and paintings, the 2,500-year-old Suzhou is a city with world-class gardens, crisscrossing canals, centuries-old houses, interlacing laneways, Kungqu opera, silk, crafts, refined cuisine and refined lifestyle.

-Humble Administrator Garden

-Garden of the Master of the Nets(Wang Shi Garden)


Chinese people boast their profound and incomparable China cuisine culture throughout the world. Traveling in China and tasting Chinese food is surely an unforgettable and impressive experience. Absolute China Tours provides the finest available Western and Chinese restaurants in any destination. Some serve authentic Chinese cuisine of different regions; some may remind you of your sweet home. From Michelin star restaurants to local privately run dining house, your tour in China will be a great memory.


Xiao Wang Fu

Xiao Wang Fu serves home style dishes in a romantic setting, located besides Houhai Lake. The restaurant offers tasty dishes from different regions of China. In addition to the fresh and authentic dishes, it offers excellent service. As a result, the restaurant was awarded In September 2003 with the Five Stars Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. This was the first time that a privately held restaurant in China received this award.

Crystal Jade

This Singaporean chain, bills itself as "authentic Cantonese and the decor and presentation make it ideal for extravagant dining. The menu features the usual dim sum delights (i.e. pork buns and radish cakes), barbecued pork (cha shao rou), and some more interesting selections like fish glazed in osmanthus honey sauce. Voted "Outstanding Dim Sum" in the Beijinger's Reader Restaurant Awards.

Dadong Duck Restaurant

The ducks are leaner than those of other roast duck restaurants. It has been repeatedly voted "Best Chinese Restaurant of the Year" in the Beijinger's annual Reader Restaurant Awards. Try dipping a slice of duck in the sugar provided alongside other condiments? somehow, it works beautifully. The 160-page menu is a work of art in itself, with a plethora of duck dishes backed up by vegetable dishes, soups and more.

Li Jia Cai (Family Li Imperial Cuisine)

Retired professor Mr. Li's house restaurant deserves its devoted following. It serves set meals of imperial-style food . Sitting down to a meal at the Li's table is more than just an exquisite gourmet experience; it is a chance for everyone to savor one of the most prestigious and rare cuisines in the world, to dine on foods which used to be the exclusive domain of the Imperial Family.

Schoolhouse Canteen

Schoolhouse Canteen serves food based on fresh local ingredients and home made from scratch in their own kitchens under the leadership of Executive Chef Randhir Singh. The Canteen's a la carte luncheon menu offers Western comfort food and fusion are as well as several Chinese and Asian specialties to accommodate the tastes of our guests, who come from all over the world to the visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu.


LAN Club

For those seeking the ultimate dining experience, LAN Club Restaurant has a unique blend of contemporary design and quiet luxury, complemented by the most attentive service. LAN Club Restaurant delivers excellence in fine dining, whether the occasion is group dining or romantic escape. There are many kitchen areas, each one skilled in preparing authentic flavors from around the world. All of this combines with expert service, exquisite food, and glorious wines to ensure a memorable experience of stylish, sophistication and classic dining experience at LAN Club.

Crystal Jade

Situated in the second floor of Nanli Square in down town Xintiandi, an obscure location yet famous for authentic Cantonese cuisine. Crystal Jade is a popular restaurant in Shanghai. It has won many awards, including the "one of the Best Shanghai restaurants" by Shanghai Tatler in 2006, No.1 Best Dim Sum by That's, "The best Cantonese restaurant" in 2003, 2004 and 2005 by "Modern Weekly", the 2004-2005 yearly "Eat and Drink Mobilization" and "Most popular restaurant" by "Sky Weekly".


Vogue & modern, Lynn, the new generation of Shanghai cuisine, revitalizes famous Suzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai dishes with modern cooking techniques. Lynn Shanghai cuisine, with it's unique taste, culinary skills and environment, evolves as the emblem of beauty and fashion. To the discerning diner, Lynn is an unforgettable experience and a true feast for the senses.


T8 features a creative, eclectic mix of contemporary European, Asian flavored cuisine. This makes T8 a major attraction in a city that boasts a distinguished culinary tradition. T8 was awarded as one of the best 50 restaurants in the world by Conde Nast Traveller 2002.

Jean Georges

Shanghai features Mr. Vongerichten's eminent French cuisine in a refined setting, with sweeping views of the Bund and Pudong neatly complimenting his lilting recipes. Mr. Vongerichten's first signature restaurant outside of New York has set the bar for fine dining in Shanghai, with an inspired seasonal menu, elaborate wine list, and elegant, understated service.

Din Tai Fung

This restaurant's popularity and reputation for delicious Taiwanese cuisine is well deserved. The tender, juicy crab roe-filled dumplings are accompanied by a tasty mouthful of broth in each bite, and the chicken and beef soup nicely complements the palate. No wonder tasting the dumplings in Din Tai Fung is considered by many as one of the 10 must-do things in Shanghai.


Lou Wai Lou Restaurant

Located at the side of fascinating West Lake, the restaurant is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Hangzhou. The Begger麓s Chicken, Fried Shelled Shrimps with Dragon Well Tea are the most recommended food.

Double occupancy USD7364
Single Room Supplement USD2868
First Class Upgrades (Domestic Air) USD0


 1. The price is for per person with a minimum of 2 persons;
2. Price for people prefering to travel alone on request;
3. For groups of 6 and more (less than 16), we offer a complimentary national escort.
4. Price for a group of 10 to 16 persons is on request.
5. Best season to make a tour to Xinjiang is between June and October.  August is the hottest month
     but  you don't feel sweaty and uncomfortable because of the rapid evaporation.

Prices per person

From US$7364(double occupancy)


  • Day 1 Arrive Beijing
  • Day 2 Beijing Sightseeing
  • Day 3 Great Wall Excursion
  • Day 4 Beijing to Urumqi
  • Day 5 Urumqi to Turpan
  • Day 6 Turpan Sightseeing
  • Day 7 Turpan to Urumqi to Kashgar
  • Day 8 Kashgar Sightseeing
  • Day 9 Kashgar to Urumqi
  • Day 10Urumqi to Dunhuang
  • Day 11Dunhuang Sightseeing
  • Day 12Dunhuang to Xian
  • Day 13 Xian to Shanghai
  • Day 14 Shanghai Sightseeing
  • Day 15 Suzhou Day Excursion
  • Day 16 Depart Shanghai

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