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Description :Cycling in Hangzhou is an unparalleled treat to those of people who grew up strapped into the seat of a car. More and more people consider the bicycle is the perfect means of transportation since it allows the body to keep pace with the mind and they love cycling and think you will too! Hangzhou is full of picturesque landscape and you will be amazed with what you will find through the biking.
Tour Code : BIK-001
Price : from US$31 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Hangzhou   (No meal included)

Beginning time: 9:00AM
Ending time: 4:00PM
Intensity: Medium
Applicable people: 16 yrs+
In the morning, our guide will meet you at your hotel and you will then go with the guide to the bus rent spot by taxi. Taxi fee is not included. With the bikes, we will start our cycling today.
9:00AM, we will get to the lakeside park for bike rent. We will pass by Yongjin Square, Orioles Singing in the Willows Park.
9:30AM, we will arrive at Leifeng Pagoda, Su Causeway and Prince Bay Park to admire the ancient history around the lake.
10:00AM, after the visit by the lake, we will ride into the mountain areas. The route would be uphill which might be harder for riding. We can also see the tea trees in this section. We will go along the Manjuelong Rd, pass by the village of Manjuelong and WongJiashan, and reach to the Longjing Village at noon where the best green tea in China is grown.
12:00PM, taking a break here in the Longjing village. Having lunch at the farmer’s home or eat what you bring. The meal is on your own. We can taste the green tea here and watch the tea plantation all over the mountain.
1:30PM, after the refreshing break, continue on our cycling. The following road is paved with rock, stone and might be difficult for riding. This is the highlight of this cycling route. The view is the best here. We can see forests, waterfalls, tea tress etc. It’s great for hiking. This section is called Nine Creeks. The water just flow by the trail which looks so natural. Lots hikers are coming here.
2:00PM, we will get to the stone stele of Nine Creeks of Misty Forest. The road would be much easier from here. Take as much pictures as you want, as we will see the fairyland view.
3:00PM, for another half hour ride, we will get to the Zhijiang Rd which is built along the Qiantang River. The world famous tide happens here. We can see the marvelous river flow by. The ancient Six Harmonies Pagoda is also 10 minutes ahead.
3:30PM, we will get back to the lake around half an hour, passing by the Zoo, the Su Causeway and having a second time to enjoy the fascinating view.
4:00PM, finally we will get back to the beginning point. The cycling tour ends here. Return the bikes. Then you will get back to your hotel by taxi. Taxi fee is not included.

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  • 1-888-414-0686 (US & CA)
  • 1-800-982-536 (AU)
  • 0-808-189-0371 (UK)
  • 0086-571-85278076 (Intl)

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