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China Shiheyuan (courtyard house) hotels mainly available in Beijing refer to those hotels based on a siheyuan, which preserves the traditional residential housing structure and style of the old-time Beijing Originating in the twelfth century, siheyuan used to be the traditional residential housing style most common in Beijing and the vast regions of north China alike for centuries. It takes the shape of a quadrangle, with a courtyard in the middle encircled by rooms on all four sides. The architectural style is strictly in line with the patriarchal family system of the dynastic China, as family members of different generations are accommodated in rooms of different positions in accordance with certain order of priority. While the size of a siheyuan varies from thousands of square meters to only about one hundred, they are without exception a closed, independent courtyard building system which is symmetrical around the north-south central axis. Siheyuan hotels are full of typical traditional elements of China culture, which are records of Chinese folk culture. A siheyuan hotel will be good option for those wishing to have a taste of the original flavor of life in the old-time Beijing.

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