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Boutique hotels in China strongly feature the artistic atmosphere and the unique local culture and history. Compared to the star-class hotel chains, Boutique hotels provide an anti-standardization service and they in general have a superior level and taste just like the Porsche in cars. Meanwhile, many boutique hotels are the reconstructed or resurfaced historic buildings, and they in fact are the small-sized museums. Living in such type of hotels undoubtedly brings both pleasure and the sense of privilege from the history and culture of hotels themselves. Generally, the boutique hotels are small in size and do not have many guestrooms (majority of boutique hotels in possession of less than 100 guestrooms). Due to focusing on the quality service, China boutique hotels usually offer a housekeeper-style service. These high-class hotels generally have the perfect surroundings, and guests can view the splendid outdoor environment of countryside and downtown part of city. Chinese boutique hotels are comprised of two types: designed boutique hotels like Laips Casa of Shanghai featuring the elegance and classicism, HotelG of Beijing and Orange Hotel of Hangzhou featuring the avant-courier fashion; the second is the hotels for petty bourgeois suiting for experiencing the local folk customs like Ziyu Siheyuan hotels of Beijing and Ketangjian Hotel of Shanghai

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