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Gallery of Reed Flute Cave                                                                                                        Editor: Sophia
Resembling a sparkling pearl embedded into the soaring Houshan Mountain and the crystal Peach Blossom River, Reed Flute Cave has drawn an overwhelming number of 40 million tourists, among which there are 180 national leaders include former American president James Earl Carter and Richard Milhous Nixon as well as Germany’s former president Dr. Richard Freiherr von Weizsäcker. Applauded by tourists from worldwide unanimously, Reed Flute Cave is famed as “the most popular karst cave on earth” and “China’s No.1. Cave for Distinguished Guests”.     
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 reed-flute-cave-guilin4 reed-flute-cave-guilin5 reed-flute-cave-guilin6 reed-flute-cave-guilin12
 reed-flute-cave-guilin13 reed-flute-cave-guilin16 reed-flute-cave-guilin19 reed-flute-cave-guilin21
 reed-flute-cave-guilin22 reed-flute-cave-guilin25 reed-flute-cave-guilin23 reed-flute-cave-guilin26
 reed-flute-cave-guilin24 map-reed-flute-cave reed-flute-cave-guilin14 reed-flute-cave-guilin20
 reed-flute-cave-guilin15 reed-flute-cave-guilin7 reed-flute-cave-guilin18 map-reed-flute-cave
 reed-flute-cave-guilin17 reed-flute-cave-guilin10 reed-flute-cave-guilin8 reed-flute-cave-guilin11
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