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Gallery of the Mausoleums of Jingjiang Princes                                                                                Editor: Sophia
To highlight its significance, a saying prevails like this: “In North China there are the Ming Dynasty Tombs, in south China, the Mausoleums of Jingjiang Princes”According to experts, it is the biggest and best-preserved extant Ming-era princes’ mausoleum complex in China. Among them, only Prince Zhuang Jianwang and Prince Kangxi's tombs are opened to tourists.
The entry of the Mausoleums of Prince Zhuang Jianwang
the Divine Avenue, which leads to the Middle Gate and is lined by 8 pairs of stone sculptures
Watching Column(望柱,华表): it has square base and rounded top, which symbolizes the prevailing theory that the earth is square and the sky is round
Suānni(狻猊) : This auspicious animal existing only in myth is rumored to be the eighth son of the Dragon King. Resembling a lion, it is obsessed with the fragrance of burning incense from pilgrims and can bring prosperity to a family.
Divine Goat: another auspicious animal, which boasts tame nature
Jade Ribbon Bridge, which is one part of the Divine Avenue
Pi Xiu(貔貅): it is the fourth son of Dragon King. It is a brave warrior, who resents corruption to the bones. Thus, ancient Chinese usually let them guide the court and prison.
Linqi(麒麟): together with dragon, phoenix and turtle, they are four auspicious animals in China. Ancient Chinese deemed this legendary animal can bestow them brilliant children, and pregnant women usually offer sacrifice to it.
Fuma: the husband of princess
Elephant is associated with peace, prosperity and vibrancy of the whole nation
Wen Zhong: a famous warrior duing Qin dynasty(221BC-206BC): rumor has it that Emperor Qin Shihuang once casted one statue of him and erected it along the palace gate, when the northern tribes invaded to the capital, they were so frightened by the statue that they flew away.
the Middle Gate(中门):it sits at the end of the Divine Avenue
Xiangdian Mansion(Ling’en Mansion): it once served as Ming princes’ worship site. Today, it functions as a museum contains the unearthed relics and artworks.
The stone sculptures in Kangxi prince' s tomb
The stone sculptures in Kangxi prince' s tomb
The stone sculptures in Kangxi prince' s tomb1
The entry of Prince Kangxi's mausoleum
The interior of Prince Kangxi's mausoleum
artworks unearthed from these tombs
artworks unearthed from these tombs
artworks unearthed
artworks unearthed
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