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Gallery of Jingjiang Prince City & Solitary Beauty Peak                                         Editor: Sophia
To take a bird's eye view of Guilin, visit Solitary Beauty Peak, to have a glimpse of Guilin' s history, visit Jingjiang Prince City.
jingjiang-prince-cityjingjiang-prince-city1jingjiang-prince-city-guilinli river
 Dragon Claw Tree in Jingjiang Prince City Bangyan Jidi Arch  Chengyun Gate Lijiang River, Guilin
solitary beauty peakguilin 12solitary-beauty-peak-guilin21jingjiang-prince-city-guilin-guangximap solitary beauty peak guilin
 Solitary Beauty PeakJingjiang Prince City Examination House Map of Jingjiang Prince City &Solitary Beauty Peak
solitary-beauty-peak22solitary-beauty-peak-guilin8solitary-beauty-peak-guilin4most famous stone inscriptions solitary beauty peak
 Solitary Beauty Peak Pavilion The narrow and widing stone path leading to this pavilion Tai Sui Statue(Chinese people' protection god) 
 Yangzhi Pavilion Solitary Beauty PeakThe poetry line “Guilin's landscape is unparalleled elsewhere on the planet” was engraved on Solitary Beauty Peak’s cliffSolitary Beauty Peak harbors 60 Tai Sui statues
 Buddha statue Solitary Beauty Peak shelters 136 pieces of stone inscriptionsAntique street of Guilin Jingjiang Prince City
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