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China Story
Ancient China is one of four countries with an ancient civilization. During the passed five thousand years, ancestors of China Ethnic Groups have created the glorious history and the brilliant culture through the productive activities and left countless Chinese stories. At the very beginning, before the invention of Chinese characters, these stories were spread in words and late were recorded on books. With the improvement of people's ability, some Chinese stories were processed by more imagination. It is said that Chinese story is the headstream of narratives in Chinese literature especially novels.
China Folktales
Folktales has a same history as China. Thanks to decades of dynasties, dramatic historic events, hundreds of generations, Chinese folktales turn to be more legendary and splendid. This is a section themed with China folktales based on our best efforts to collect more stories
Legend of Ji Gong
Wangxian Bridge
China Love Stories
China is a romantic country with more than 5000 years of civilization. A large number of stories and legends live with Chinese people from generation to generation, and also nurture Chinese people’s soul deeply. Chinese people love stories, especially the touching love stories, so Chinese people are talented in creating the fabulous stories and sharing the stories. Traditionally these stories can be available both in oral and written ways. Chinese traditional learners preferred to get the inspirations from these stories and collect these stories together to educate more, so readers can easily read stories in books
Top-Four China Folk Love Stories
Lady White Snake
Legend of Liangzhu
The Legend of Meng Jiang Nv
China Palace Stories
China palace stories used to connect closely to the political events or combat among the concubines for Emperors' favor. So there were a lot of pretty girls suffered the severe hardships,even the murder.The real side of the story is quite sorrowful, miserable and touching. But the secrets of palace traditionally are absolutely prohibitted from being known by the outside. So many people extended or reedited the story according to some tips realeased by servants in palaces. These stories are closely themed with ghost and revenge
China Scary Stories
Chinese people traditionally is spiritual and full of imagination. So some people think Chinese people are superstitious, because they emphaszie the ghost and the things after life. This is absolutely rediculous. Ancient China had two most important things to do in a year, war and national sacrifice, and both of them were done for preserving the face of the ancestors. The war for keeping the existing family prosperous and the sacrifice for informing ancestry what they did for this family. This is the orgin of tradition of Chinese people prefer the sacrifice and repsect the ghost. Hence, in different periods, there were many scary stories or thrilling stories spreading in folk society. Even some books like Sou Shen Ji, Shen Yi Lu and Liao Zhai were themed with the ghost stories or some supernatural things.
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