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Chinese Sages
Chinese sages acutally belong to three branches of Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. These sages modeled the glory of Chinese history and culture is considerably remembered by humankinds when they surprisedly discover a refreshing lifestyle and philosophy originated from China absolutely different from westerners
Confucius has proved to be the greatest influence over the Chinese character. Besides being a great educationist, thinker and unsuccessful politician, he was first of all an intellect with a noble morality. He pursued truth, kindness and perfection throughout his life and his success and failure were largely due to his character, which had an everlasting impact on Chinese intellect.
Chinese Saints
Zhu Xi, China Neo-Confucianism, Ideologist, Philosopher
Lao Zi
Lao Zi, perhaps, the founder of Taoism and the greatest sage and much more famous than Confucius in the world. His thought and academic masterpiece also named Laozi is a classic philosophical work widely spreading all around the World. Lao Zi was said to be the teacher of Confucius and the governor of National Library.
Mo Zi
Mozi is a sage of Mohism, a superior academic school to Confucianism in pre-Qin period of China. Mozi argues that Heaven rewards individuals who act righteously, and that it punishes individuals who act unrighteously. If an individual loves and helps others, then he or she will be loved and helped by others. If an individual hates or hurts others, then he or she will be hated or hurt by others. If all individuals try to love and help each other, then they will also try to avoid hurting or injuring each other.
Zhuang Zi
Zhuang Zi was the second greatest sage of Taoism inferior to its founder Laozi, and as equal as the status of Mencius in Confucianism. Zhuang Zi traditionally was considered to be the greatest romanticist in Chinese literature and his boundless imagination and sophisticated philosophical thinking attract Chinese people for thousands of years.
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