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China Performance
Living in modern time, at home, with TV set, we could be couch potato if we like; with internet, we could chat and see movies and do other stuffs. Or, we could hang out with our friends in a bar. But have you ever wondered how our ancestors spent their nights in the ancient time? Westerners had operas and dramas in the theater which they could appreciate and also balls providing a chance for them to enlarge connections. In the Far East, ancient Chinese people did the same thing as foreigners?
China acrobatics includes all kinds of skills like bare-handed rolling, reversing, pouncing and tumbling, nose balancing, foot skill, trick-cycling, buckjump, changeable and magical tricks, as well as circus and beast training. Unique clown funny performance is also a very important content of modern Chinese acrobatics.
Chinese Acrobatics —— A Magic World Built by China Acrobats
The Legend of Kungfu in Red Theater
China Operas
Chinese opera is an essential portion of Chinese intangible heritage, and also one gem of Chinese traditional culture. They reflect the real folk life of China, and release the likes and dislikes of Chinese grassroots. This is an important reason why Chinese operas can be rooted in Chinese culture and society for such a long time! Chinese people especially the rural citizens prefer to
Jingju Lianpu (Masks of Peking Opera)
Chinese Operas
Chinese Kunqu Opera: World Intangible Cultural Heritage
Beijing Opera
Outdoor Show
Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top live-action performances strongly featured by the local culture and unique charm of Hangzhou West Lake. It is nationwide famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. Actually, the visitors in Hangzhou are unexceptionally eager to watch this life-size performance, because it is one mingled and charming show of Hangzhou culture and history.
China Seven Top Shows
Impression West Lake
Impression Liu Sanjie
Impression Lijiang
Suzhou Pingtan
Pinghua is often performed by one person only. The content is mostly about Chinese history and legendary heroes. While Tanci is by two people, one plays sanxian which is an ancient Chinese musical instrument, and the other plays pipa (Chinese lute), they sing and speak together while they are playing their own instruments
Suzhou Pingtan
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