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China Painting
Chinese painting as one of Chinese traditional art forms, coming from Chinese calligraphy, is a bridge to show Chinese people’s value in life and nature, individual and collective, internality and externalism. It is subjectively expressing people’s inner reaction towards the whole society. Conventionally, China’s painting is directly connecting with calligraphy. They are integrative. In Chinese people’s thinking, a traditional poet should be of the capability of painting, calligraphy, poem and music. So as one of the basic skills to be an eligible literator, the skill of painting is indeed important.
China Classic Painting List
The painting is the outside expression of the poem content and the image of calligraphy, and it is also the exterior show of people’s inner world. The poem is painting and painting is poem as well.
A Guide to Classic Chinese Paintings and Masters
The Night Revels of Han Xizai
China Painting and Philosophy
Chinese painting is entirely different from western painting, and it is based on the painters aesthetics from long-term traditionl study to poems, prose, essays,  Confucian classics, Taoist classics and Buddhism knowledge. It is a highlighted embodiment of painters' cultivation both in knowledge and spirituality
Chinese Painting
China Painting Masters
China painting has a long history, so there were a huge number of painting masters in history, Gui Kaizhi of Jin Dynasty, Yan Liben, Wu Daozi of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Emperor Huizong, Su Shi, Fan Kuan of Song Dynasty, Zhao Mengfu of Yuan Dynasty, Tang Bohu, Qiuying of Ming Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao, Wu Changshuo of Qing Dynasty, Qi Baishi and Zhang Da Qian of modern China were all the famous representatives
Zhang Daqian and His Gorgeous Paintings
Xu Beihong, father of modern Chinese painting
China Painting Styles
Another feature of Chinese paintings is that blank spaces are commonly used. The unmarked space is used to evoke the sky. Sometimes they represent water or fog and at other times the blank space is simply nothing – just a sensation of emptiness.
Characteristics of Chinese Painting
China Painting Themes
Chinese paintings fall into three main categories: characters, landscapes and flowers and birds. Of the three traditions, character painting is the oldest, dominating the scene until the end of the Tang dynasty.
Themes of Chinese Painting
China Painting Tools
Chinese scholars or learners are much too dainty about their study; especially emphasize their tools for creation like calligraphy and painting. In a traditional scholar’s study, the visitors can usually see these things: Writing Brush, Ink-Stick, Ink-stone, Chinese paper, other than the large bookshelf and their large number of stored books.
Four Treasures of the Chinese Study
Writing Brush
Ink Stick
Traditional Painting Techniques
Learn how to paint a range of popular subjects using Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting techniques. Projects gradually increase in difficulty, and feature such subjects as swallows, bamboo, wild orchids, plum blossoms, pandas, horses, peonies and more
Traditional Painting Techniques
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