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Chinese Music
Music in China has another role as the tool for self-cultivation and self-discipline. In China, roughly there are not less than 1000 kinds of musical instruments. They could help people to forget the impatience, sorrow, anguish and other extreme moods. Most of China’s musical instruments have such a function. The pursuits of clearness in mind, tranquility in heart, reason in passion and so on. To some extent, it is also up to the sensation of keeping self in the deep heart. All the multifarious feelings, the passionate emotion and others suddenly became the harmony between human and nature.
China Classic Music
Chinese Music is an essence of Chinese culture and traditionally as the talent of Chinese elites. It embodies the internality of spirituality. Closely interlinked with Chinese traditional education. For Dynasties, many famous classics of Chinese music remain as the legacy of Chinese history
Chinese Classical Music
China Famous Musicians
In music history of China, there were a lot of famous musicians such as Shi Xiangzi, a musician widely known in the period of Spring and Autumn and respected highly by Confucius, Guqin players in Qin, Xin Yannian, a royal musician in Han dynasties, Li Guinian, an imperial musician in Tang Dynasty. In Song Dynasty, majority of the scholars were all the experts of guqin. In traditional education, musical education is an important part. This was the way of musical popularization in ancient China.
China Folk Music
Music of China largely is originated from Chinese folk society. Many moving stories related to China ancient stories. The classic masterpiece of music named Gao Shan Liu Shui is closely linked to the story of Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi. Guanglingsan closely connected with Ji Kang's death. Er Quan Ying Yue, a famous music of Er Hu, is melodious based on the life experience of A Bing, a blind man in modern China
Kam Grand Choirs, UNESCO Heritage in Guizhou
The Mongolian art of singing: Khoomei
Gesar epic tradition
Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang: Heavenly Music from Oasis
Naxi Ancient Music, Baptise Your Soul into the Ancient Oriental Culture
Musical Instruments
Chinese Music played by Chinese musical instruments always takes a unique effect in appreciation. Chinese Music is different from western ochestra. it is possessed of its own independent system and performance style. Generally, the most popular musical form is folk music, distinguished itself from western music. Folk music could be the most popular music type in Chinese daily life.
Guqin and Chinese Ancient Culture
Chinese Musical Instruments
Pipa(Chinese Lute)
Guzheng (Chinese Zither) -----Eastern Piano
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