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China Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a huge influence throughout East Asia since ancient time and now also in the western world. Generally speaking, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be divided into two main parts: Han medicine and ethnomedicine. The former one refers to a medicinal science which is created by the Han People; The latter one includes Zang Medicine(藏医Tibetan Medicine), Meng Medicine(蒙医Mongolian Medicine), Miao Medicine(苗医) and other ethnic medicine. However, when we mention Traditional Chinese Medicine or Chinese Medicine, most of the time, we just mean Han medicine.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese traditional herbal medicine is an alternative system of treatment arising from a holistic philosophy of life. It emphasizes on the interconnection of the mental, emotional, and physical components within the body. It also emphasizes on the importance of harmony between individuals and their social groups, as well as between humanity as a whole.
China Herbal Medicine
Chinese Herbal Remedy For H1N1 Flu
Classics of China Medicine
All medical theories come from practice and, in turn, direct practice. Throughout the millennia, the great contributions by TCM to ensure the well-being of Chinese people depended on the theoretical system of The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor. Therefore, it received lavish attention from medical practitioners throughout Chinese history and was venerated as an ancestral work of physicians, not to mention being a compulsory classical work in TCM.
Chinese Medicine
Traditional Medicare in China
The 24 Solar Terms and Traditional Chinese Medicare
Classics of China Medicine
Cupping and Acupuncture
Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Cupping have played a significant role in Traditional Chinese Manipulative Therapy and also have had a great effect in the world, eapecially in the southeast Asia and China towns in other western countries.
Acupuncture and Cupping
Guasha and Food Therapy
Gua sha is kind of simple folk technique to reduce fever, treat fatigue caused by exposure to heat or cold, treat headache, sunstrokes and push sluggish circulation because complex medical diagnosis is not required and it’s safe for common people to use in their daily life. And the tools are also very simple, either china spoon or something with a rounded edge.
Gua sha and Food Therapy
Pediluvium and Massage
In the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, Pediluvium therapy and Massage therapy are important treatments which have ran more than 3000 years. Nowadays, side effects always accompany medicines, so, more and more people advocate natural hygiene. Having advantages in comfortable therapeutic milieu and notable curative effect, Pediluvium and Massage come into vogue in China.
Pediluvium and Massage
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