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China Literature
Standing shoulder to shoulder with the above-mentioned rhymed genres such as fu, shi, and ci was prose. The earliest texts of classical Chinese prose were the philosophical writings of the Hundred Schools of Thought (770-221 BCE), for example, the works of Zhuangzi, Mozi, Mencius, etc. Simple, concise, and economical prose style became a model literary form. The Records of the Grand Historian (史记 shi ji) carried on this tradition and remained a most influential example of prose texts for the successive dynasties. Han Yu (韩愈 (768–824)) and seven other writers were listed as “Eight Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties”, whose texts, featuring simple, direct, and forceful styles, have often been held as prose samples for later generations to learn from.
China Literature Master
Qu Yuan (340~278 BC) is the earliest poetry master and is often credited for having initiated the romanticist tradition in Chinese classic literature. Poetry blossomed in full scale in Tang Dynasty when more poets were to be remembered by later generations. Presently, three Tang poets are hailed as the “top three” in Chinese literature: Li Bai (701~762), Du Fu (712~770), and Bai Juyi (772~846), though more poets had enjoyed equal fame: Wang Wei (701~761), Wang Bo (650~675), Li Shangyin (812~858), Du Mu (803~852), Li He (790~816), etc.
Li Bai: An Earthly Immortal of Poem and Free Soul of Ancient China
Lu Xun----Soul of Chinese Nation
Chinese Literature Masters
Qu Yuan
Sima Xiangru
Song Yu
China Literature Masterpieces
Chinese literature materpieces are comprised of different themed works like the novels such as the Dream of Red Mansion, the plays such as Poeny Pavilion, Poetry like Three Hundreds Poems of Tang, Essays like the pre-Qin academic articles created by different thinkers. All of these quintessentail works glorify Chinese lterature, especially China ancient literature
Chinese Literature Masterpieces
Epic of Manas
Chinese Essay
Chinese essay is an important part of Chinese literature and it could be traced back to pre-Qin Dynasty, in early period, many sages of different academic branches released or published their viewpoints or thoughts via essays the most famous representatives are Hanfeizi's book, Mozi's book, Xunzi's book as wellas Mencius' book. All of these books are not only the essence of Chinese essay literature but also the gem of Chinese philosophy
Chinese Essays
Chinese Play
Chinese play does not has a history so long as Chinese prose and it roughly appeared in Sui and Tang Dynasties, but the masterpieces of plays are too many. Especially in Ming and Qing Dyansty, Chinese play entirely bloomed and the famous playwright include Tang Xianzu whose representative was Peony Pavilion, Xu Wenchang and his work was called Sishengyuan.
Chinese Plays
Chinese Poetry
Poetry was to be composed on diverse occasions: at parties, in civil service examinations, at seeing off a friend, or simply as a private channel of expression. The collective contribution of numerous poets across successive dynasties earns China the title of “the kingdom of poetry”.
Chinese poetry
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