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China Kungfu Culture
Chinese kungfu (功夫, martial arts) is a distinctive part of traditional Chinese culture with a long history and great popularity. Foreigners might have got acquainted to, and impressed with, Chinese kungfu through world-renowned kungfu movie stars like Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan, or through action cinema like Kungfu Panda. Its uniqueness and charisma that has its roots in traditional oriental culture appeal to increasing numbers of people in other nations.
Chinese Kungfu Branches
Chinese martial art is comprised of many different exercising schools and forms. According an authoritative book named China History of Martial Art, the boxing of martial art is composed of at least 75 schools and the weaponry is consisted of at least 27 kinds, excluding the missed in the history.
Martial-Art Schools
Chinese Kungfu
Chinese Martial Art - A National Heritage
Due to its ancient history, widespread influence and prominent cultural, sports, historic significance, China martial art is honored as “National Art”. The origination of Chinese martial art can be traced back to the primitive society. To fight back animals, the primitive men accumulated precious...
Chinese Martial Art, A National Heritage
Emei Kungfu
Talking about kungfu, most of us may automatically associate it with Shaolin and Wudang schools of martial arts. Yet, there has been a third school, just as important as these two though lesser-known. It is the Emei kungfu school, which, plus the former two, had been acknowledged by the martial arts circles during the Ming-Qing Dynasties as the three major schools of Chinese kungfu. In 2009, faced with the challenge from the Thais to a contest between Chinese kungfu and Thai boxing, Emei kungfu masters were more than eager to pick up the gauntlet though the Thais threw it at Shaolin Temple.
Emei Kungfu
Shaolin Kungfu
One of the best places to appreciate the genuine Chinese martial arts tradition today is the famous Shaolin Temple. Founded in the 5th century, it is a Mahayana Buddhist temple and the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu. During devastating wars in the past dynasties, many of the temple buildings were laid to waste, yet reconstructed several times, while some are still standing. Nowadays, the Shaolin Temple enjoys unrivalled reputation in China and other parts of the world.
Wudang Kungfu
Wudangshan Mountain is a holy land for the Chinese religion of Taoism. It is the self-cultivating center of Zhenwu Dadi (one of the top Taoist legendary immortals), Yinxi (ascetic in East Zhou Dynasty), Tao Hongjing (Jin Dynasty), Sun Simiao (Tang Dynasty medicine master), and Lu Dongbing (one of the “Eight Immortals” in Chinese folklore).
Wudang Kungfu
Taichiquan,the Wisdom of Yin and Yang
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