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China Emperors and Kings
Before Qin Dynasty, China had no emperors but kings, and these kings formally under the managment of Zhou Central government, and this was the rule of Zhou period including Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. In Xia and Shang Periods, many kings were unwritten and just known legendarily.
China Emperors in Brief
Objectively speaking, Chinese splendid ancient history roughly is the history of Chinese Emperors(Chinese Monarchs) and their contributions and encumbrances to the development of Chinese feudalistic period. And also they were the supporters and repressors of Chinese ancient culture.
Emperors of Han Dynasty
Han Dynasty is comprised of West Han Dynasty and East Han Dynasty, and the Emperors mainly included Emperor Gaozu, Emperor Wendi, Emperor Jingdi, Emperor Wudi, Emperor Xuandi, Emperor Chengdi, and Emperor Guangwudi of East Han Dynasty
Emperors of Han Dynasty
Emperors of Qin Dynasty
Qin Dynasty was China's first empire but also quite short, and strictly speaking just has two Emperors, the first one was Emperor Qinshihuang and the second was his son named Hu Hai, known as the second Emperor of Qin Dynasty
Emperors of Qin Dynasty
Emperors of Tang Dynasty
The Emperors of Tang Dynasty were widely known. The founder of Tang was Li Yuan, and the famous renowned Taizong was the second Emperor, Empress Wuzetian was the only woman emperor of ancient China, and Emperor Xuanzong was the greatest Emperor of Tang Dynasty and also one of the most romantic and respectable Emperors of ancient China
Tang Dynasty Emperors
Kings of Pre-Qin Period
Kings of Pre-Qin Period were the states kings of Spring and Autumn Period as well as the Warring States Period, these kings were quite full of persoanlity, as well as the kings of Xia and Shang period, including Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors
Emperor Yao
Emperor Shun
Yu the Great
Huangdi, Yellow Emperor
Kings of Pre-Qin Period (in brief)
Kings of Three Kingdoms
Three States Period or the Period of Three Kingdoms was a legendary time, and a lot of famous heros and stories appeared, and at the time, three kings were quite famous: Cao Cao, the king of Wei State, Liu Bei, the King of Shu State and Sun Quan, the King of Wu State
Kings of Three Kingdoms Period
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