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China Architecture
Chinese architecture is one beautiful branch of the civilization tree of China. Chinese architecture was one of three worldwide architectural systems. It is in the same level with western architecture and Islamic architecture.
China Classical Gardens
China garden has more than 3000 years of history and surely is one of the earliest countries as the cradle of world’s garden art. As a quite important part in world’s garden history, Chinese garden is quite unique and famous for its high-level artistic value and distinctive style of Chinese traditional architectural theory. In the world, the gardens can be divided into
China Classical Gardens: where to see the elegant life of Chinese ancient people
China Classical Garden: where to see the elegant life of ancient people
Classical Gardens in Jiangnan Region
Gardening Arts
Layout Designs
China Detached Palaces
Located 230 kilometers to the north of Chinese capital, it consists of Imperial Palace, Royal Garden and outlying temples. The resort had begun to build in 1703 and spent 89 years to complete.
Chengde Mountain Summer Resort
Jingjiang Prince City, Guilin's Forbidden City
China Ethnic Architecture
China boasts 55 ethnic groups, which add much color and vibrancy to this great nation. From the sprawling yurts dotting the vast grassland in Inner Mongolia to the stilt houses clinging to the cliffs in southwest China, China ethnic architecture is renowned for its incredible diversity, rich ethnic flavor and misted splendor.
Sanjiang Chengyang WindRain Bridge
Mapang Drum Tower, a Poetic Symbol of Dong Culture
Xizhou, the Museum of Bai Architecture
China Imperial Palaces
As China's largest and most significant ancient palace, the Forbidden City is the best preserved one. It now serves a function as China's Palace Museum. This magnificent palace, located in the center of Beijing city, was built in 1406 and completed in 1420.
China Imperial Palace
Forbidden City
Beijing Summer Palace
Old Summer Palace(Ruins of Yuanmingyuan)
Sitora i Mokhi Khosa Summer Palace
Temples and Monasteries
China is a secular multi-religious nation, where the major religions of the world - Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Islam – have all developed a large following. Temples and monasteries dedicated to various religions are found in every corner of China.
Temples and Monasteries of China
Lingyin Temple
Qiongzhu Temple
Golden Temple
Yuantong Temple: the Carnival of Buddhism and Daoism
Potala Palace
Kumbum Monastery
Baiju Monastery, the Museum of Buddha Sculptures
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