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China Ancient Culture
The term “China ancient culture” is often employed in comparison with “China modern culture”, meaning the culture of the traditional, classic China before the full-scale introduction of Western influences. And historians tend to use the Opium War of 1839~1842 as a watershed dividing the two. Over history, China never ceased exchanging with other cultures, and had assimilated many influences from various neighboring countries, especially those coming via the Silk Road. But these are still deemed part of China ancient culture. It is the Western influences that almost turned China on its head since the mid-19th century, and that distinguish China modern culture from China ancient culture.
Beijing Temple Fair
During your stay in Beijing, do not miss Beijing Top Temples Fairs such as Baiyunguan Temple Fair, Longtan (Dragon Pool) Temple Fair and Ditan(temple of earth) Temple Fair.
When&Where to see Beijing Top Temple Fairs
China Ancient Inventions
The best-known four inventions of ancient China were designated by Joseph Needham (1900~1995), a sinologist renowned for his research on the history of Chinese science: papermaking, compass, gunpowder, and printing techniques, all of which are deemed of unrivaled influence on world civilization.
Chinese Surname
Chinese Wheelbarrow
Four Inventions
China Ancient Inventions
Fireworks, Chinese Inventions
China Elite Culture
Elite culture is often used in comparison with folk culture. It is the culture created, transmitted and shared by high level intellectuals of a society, reflecting their aesthetic tastes, values, and social obligations. Elite culture is also called “high culture”, as the elites were often the privileged (economically, politically, or spiritually) group.
Gentlemanlike Plants
Top-Ten China Universities
China Elite Culture
China Recluse Culture
References to yinshi (隐士, recluses) an interesting but somewhat strange group of elites in Chinese history, can be found in many historical records. A yinshi recluse refers to an intellectual who opted to lead a life distant from politics, even though his talent and qualification could well secure an official post for him.
China Recluse Culture
China Sports Culture
During the past millennia, China has developed numerous sport items, among which four are closely associated with Olympic Games. Cuju, a game played by the ancient Chinese since the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-221BC), is considered as the primitive form of football; Archery dates back to 28000 year ago
Chinese Ancient Football, Cuju
Archery:the Sport of Gentlemen in Ancient China
Golf in Ancient China:Chuiwan
Ancient Wrestling in China:Jiaodi
Swimming In Ancient China
Equestrian in Ancient China
China Acrobatics: An Unrestrained and Splendid Artform
Traditional Chinese Sports
China Travel Culture
Perhaps due to the influence of the adventurous story of Odyssey’s journey back home, in Western culture, travel has long since been used as a way to remould oneself. In Europe, there has been a culture of “grand tour” since somewhere in the late 16th century, when a custom developed for privileged young men to fill their time...
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China Travel Culture
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