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China Famous Figures
China history is a record of Chinese people's history of creating the glories and fulfilling the ambitions. A large number of great figures no matter whether they were highly appreciated or criticized were all the creator of China history. Meanwhile, these historic figures also the cultural figures and pioneers of other realms of ancient China
Li Po
Li Bai was born at the summit period of Tang Dynasty, but where his hometown was is still in dispute. Some hold his hometown was in Gansu province, and some think was in Qinglian Village of Jiangyou city, Sichuan province, and some suppose his hometown was in Tokmak of The Kyrgyz Republic.
Lu Yu
Lu Yu liked tea best all the life and specialized in Tea Culture, and he wrote the world’s first masterpiece themed with tea. The book was named Cha Jing(茶经, The Sutra of Tea). Lu Yu made the unprecedented contribution to the development of tea culture and theory.
Sima Xiangru
In the history of Chinese classic literature, Sima Xiangru (179–117 BC) was largely responsible for establishing fu as a literary genre. Often translated as “rhapsody”, fu is a descriptive metered verse with rhyme interspersed with prose. The rhymed and paralleled sentence group patterns of fu were to have constant influence on Chinese prose literature of later dynasties.
Song Yu
Song Yu was not just an accomplished literature master, but a handsome man of courteous, scholarly bearing. Some sources would classify him among the top four most handsome men of ancient China.
Zhu Xi
Zhu Xi, whose courtesy name is Yuan Hui, was born in Wuyuan County, today’s Wuyuan, Jiangxi province, which is crowned to be the most famous village of China. Zhu Xi became Jinshi at the age of 19. Zhu Xi was a famous neo-Confucian, ideologist, philosopher, educator, poet and politician.
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