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Shanghai subway line map, shanghai Cuisine streets by metro
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Shanghai concentrates a lot of sino-west cuisines, and diversity of restaurants in different sizes are erecting on both sides of the streets. After a certain time, some streets gradually become famous for the cuisine centers such as Xianxia Road, Wujiang Road, Zhapu Road, Tianyueqiao Road and Yunnan Road and so on. 

 Xianxia Road

 仙(xiān) 霞(xiá) 路(lù)

As an old and well-famed cuisine street, Xianxia Road is still fascinating among many eaters. Taiwan-style food, Japan-Korea food, Southeast Asian food and others can be available easily. Some chains of restaurants also establish on this street, Besides, some youngsters prefer drinking here as well. 

Bus Stop: Xianxia Road 

Subway available: North Zhongshan Road Station of No.1 Subway(地铁1号线 中山北路站)

Wujiang Road

吴(wú) 江(jiāng) 路(lù)

Used to be a disorderly snack street near to the TV Station, Wujiang Road after an elaborate reconstruction with variety of greenings and facilities currently also becomes a fashionable destination for eating and leisure. 

Bus Stop: West Nanjing Road 

Subway available : West Nanjing Road of No.2 Subway(地铁2号线 南京西路站)

Zhapu Road

乍(zhà) 浦(pǔ) 路(lù)

Zhapu Road is a famous cuisine and snack street of Shanghai. Zhapu Road close to North Sichuan Road which is categorized into a business-oriented street of Shanghai Municipality. Zhapu Road collects a lot of famous restaurants for their excellent cuisines. Generally, Zhapu Road is the superior choice of party and gathering of white-collar or middle-class people. Zhapu Road used to be one of the most welcome places of Shanghai entertainment and leisure.

Bus Stop: Zhapu Road

Subway Available: East Baoxing Road of No.3 Subway(地铁3号线 东宝兴路)

Tianyaoqiao Road

天(tiān) 钥(yào) 桥(qiáo) 路(lù)

Tianyaoqiao Road Cuisine Street close to Xujiahui Business Region is full of tall buildings and business shops. No matter what kind of food you want can be available over here. Like Shenjianbao(fresh fried bun, 生煎包), a kind of local famous snack is also available there. The hot or peppery Sichuan Cuisine, the fresh beefsteak and many other local or western food are also widely served here. 

Bus Stop: Tianyaoqiao Road 

Subway available: Xujiahui Station of No.1 Subway(地铁1号线 徐家汇站)

Yunnan Road

云(yún) 南(nán) 路(lù)

Yunnan Road traditionally is an old cuisine street of Shanghai. It is located on the connected area of Yanan Road and Tibet Road, and closely near to People's Square of Shanghai. It is a quite welcome place that attracts many visitors from different area of the world. Due to its long time, majority of restaurants serve Chinese cuisine which is apt to Shanghai Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine. But it is very hard to find a western dining room or restaurant over there if you want to have a western dinner. 

Bus Stop: East Yanan Road

Subway Available: People's Square Station of No.1 or 2 Subway(地铁1号或2号线 人民广场站)

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