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Shanghai Xiaolongbao(Little Basket Dumplings)

小(xiǎo) 笼(lóng) 包(bāo)


Xiaolongbao(Little Basket Dumplings),Shanghai Snack, China cuisine

Shanghai Xiaolongbao(Little Basket Dumplings, 小笼包) roughly is the most famous snack of Shanghai and the local snack representative for its feature of thinner husk, more juice, fresher stuffing and tastier flavor. It is excellent in shape and tasty in flavor. It needs delicate preparation. The stuffing generally is the shrimps and crabs and there are usually 8 or 10 dumplings in each little basket.

The husk of Shanghai Xiaolongbao is half transparent especially when it is just taken out from the little basket. It is very soft and when eaters bite it, meanwhile the fresh stuffing comes out. 

►How to eat Shanghai Xiaolongbao:
Firstly bite a small hole and suck the juice, and then dip it with the vinegar and eat it slowly. The juice is the most delicious part of Shanghai Xiaolongbao. The stuffing of Xiaolongbao is the main part. So it is very important to select the materials when people plan to make Xiaolongbao. 


Xiaolongbao(Little Basket Dumplings),Shanghai Snack, China cuisine
Xiaolongbao is usually eaten with vinegar.

►How to make Xiaolongbao:
The major materials: half kilo of flour and half kilo of meat stuffing 

Subsidiary ingredients: Onion and hot soup 

Sauces: Salt, oyster sauce, Chicken powder and some monosodium glutamate
►Making Procedure:
1. Boil the flour with boiled water and make it into flour paste.
2. Add sauces like onions into stuffing and then mix with hot soup.
3. Make the paste into many small pieces of husk and then cover the stuffing with these husks and then braise them in the boiler for 10 minutes or so. It is well-done after several minutes.

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