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Twice-cooked Pork

回(huí) 锅(guō) 肉(ròu)


Twice-cooked Pork, Sichuan Cuisine, China Cuisine

Twice-cooked Pork is a traditional dish of Sichuan people. Every household can make this great pork dish. Therefore, to Sichuan, the Twice-cooked Pork should be tasted, just like a traditional saying by locals that if not sampled the pork, it means that Sichuan is not visited.

In the past, meat was scarce in rural areas of Sichuan Province, so that there was a feast held on every first and fifteenth days of every lunar month. On the day, people in every family would prepare pork dishes contributing to the gods, ancestors and ghosts. Family members ate the re-cooked meat the day after. In western Sichuan, people prepare the pork dish in a relatively simple way. First they boil the meat and then deep fried it. 

streaky pork for cooking Twice-cooked Pork, Sichuan Cuisine, China Cuisine
Streaky pork is needed when making the Twice-cooked Pork

Ingredients for a common sized Twice-cooked Pork dish: 
Meat from pig's leg of 370 grams, 70g green garlic (green pepper or yellow garlic can also be used), 25 grams of cooking oil; soy bean paste, soy sauce and yellow wine are 12g for each item. Moreover, 5 grams each for white sugar, sweet sauce and shallot are to be added. MSG is common in Chinese cuisine, but you can ignore it you don't like it.

Cut the meat into four cm wide strips, boil and then cut again to smaller pieces. Fat will be run out of meat, which pieces will curl, when frying in a hot pan of cooking oil. Add the sweet sauce and soy bean paste and cook them to become fragrant. Finally, put all the other ingredients into the pan and stir-fried for a while.

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