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Hong Kong is known for its diverse and equally delicious cuisine and seafood. The street food is one of the city's unique experiences. As one of Hongkong mainstays, Dai Pai Dongs receive huge popularity especially in Hongkong, full of vigour as well as those well decorated restaurants.

Temple Street
Attached to the Temple Street Markets, this collection of Dai Pai Dongs are some of the best in town. Just like the market, they are best seen at night, where groups of locals tucking into excellent seafood drinking beers and happily chatting. The streets are wide and the outside seating is a great chance to see life going on nearby. 

Chinese Name: 庙(miào)街(jiē)


Haiphong Road
A fairly compact collection of Dai Pai Dongs selling a mixture of Cantonese and Seafood specialties. 

Chinese Name: 海(hǎi) 防(fáng) 道(dào)


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Hau Fook Street
A good selection of Dai Pai Dong's with a wider range of food than can be usually found. Both Shanghainese and Beijingnese as well as the usual Cantonese fare is on offer. English won't be spoken. 

Chinese Name: 厚(hòu) 福(fú) 街(jiē)

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