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Castle in the Sky

Located in the junction of Ya'an and Luding, the Niubei Mountain has risen to fame these years due to its unique geographical location, beautiful sunrise, sea of clouds, light of Buddha and starry night. Very close to the provincial capital of Chengdu and easy to climb, many shutterbugs and climbers were charmed to visit the mountain. And now it has become a Holy Land for photographing and climbing.


Thanks to a heavy snow the night before, the mountain was dressed in silver. The clouds between the mountains flowed slowly, the morning sun dyed the eastern side of the skyline with red.

 Sky 02.jpg

If you are lucky enough, you can see the rare view-the light of Buddha-a few times in the morning.

In winter, it is very cold on the mountain. A large quantity of fog in the wind coagulated on the branches continually to accumulate, forming the magic and beautiful rime.

The sea of clouds is a very attractive landscape in the Niubei Mountain. The clouds lingered between mountains like waterfalls, because of the saturation of water vapor and the undulating terrain. It was truly spectacular. I have been here twice, every time I could get a different feeling. 


When the sun set, here came the light of Buddha. Through the sea of clouds, sunlight formed the spectacular phenomenon. This rare scene seen hardly elsewhere takes place on the Niubei Mountain almost every day in good weather.


After the night fell, the Niubei Mountain did not get into sleep. On the contrary, a completely different world began to wake up. As far from the downtown, there is no light pollution and haze, thus the sky is unusually clean. In the evening, the starry night was fabulous, and the Milky Way flowed gently. Wrapped in tight clothes lying in the grass to see the stars, it could purify you inside out and take all your mundane troubles.


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