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  • A Nice Place to Relax---Yangshuo

    Travelling is a good for me to relax and set myself free. I spent several days in Yangshuo to have a close to nature. It was a great journey.

  • Tour in Changdao

    Changdao, one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, is located between Jiaodong and Liaodong Peninsula and the junction between the Yellow Sea and The Bohai Sea. It consists of 32 islands, with a total area of 56 square kilometers. It owns many natural view points that attract many tourists. It is a nice journey.

  • Guilin: Return to Nature

    To my understanding, travel is way to release extra physical energy and return to nature of your own. We squeeze some time out of busy schedule and go to a completely strange place where we enjoin the world with green hills and clear rivers and listen to our inner voice.

  • The southeast of Tibet

    Linzhi is an area southeast to Lhasa. It renowns as jiangnan in Tibet. There are peach trees as far as eyes can see. The Lulang Forest is also a wonderful area to visit. It is a nice jouney.

  • Chongqing, a charming city

    With well-known as the largest industrial and economic center in southwestern China, Chongqing City is a popular destination for people who want to have different experience with its landscape, night scenery and spicy food.

  • dunhuang

    Back in Time in Dunhuang-the Gone Prosperity of Silk Road

    Travelling alone, wandering alone, some people love living a life like this. Talking to oneself, talking to the sky.

  • Mountain High in Lianzhou

    The Nanling Mountains long sequestered the Cantonese natives of Guangdong province from the Chinese interior. The mountains protected the ancient dialects of the southerners and cultivated the unique cultural character of the sea-facing and seafaring Yue peoples.

  • Cuckoo for Qingyuan

    Branding itself "the garden of the Pearl River Delta", around 80km northwest of Guangzhou, straddling the Bei, or North River, is the Cantonese-speaking city of Qingyuan. What first appears as a cluster of mottled factories (many fast being dismantled to make way for new high-rise flats) was once an important river town on the imperial highway – the Bei is a tributary of the Pearl River to the south and thus connects Guangzhou with Shaoguan in northern Guangdong Province. So while malls and marauding traffic might define Qingyuan’s metropolitan pretensions today, the river is still the lifeblood of the county, feeding its predominantly agricultural surrounds while crafting a centerpiece through the fresh-faced urban district. It should, therefore, stand to reason that the principle sites of interest lie along the steep banks overlooking the deep jade waters of the River Bei itself. To experience what Qingyuan has in store simply hop aboard a boat at Wuyi Dock and ask the captain to sail east.

  • The Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas in China

    Wondering where you could get into the festive cheer in China? Look no further!

  • The most beautiful wedding locations in China

    Get married and have a honeymoon in some of the most beautiful locations in China

  • The Strange Laws of China

    Being a law-abiding citizen comes easily in some countries, and is a little more difficult in others. This is especially so if you happen to live in a country that enforces some pretty difficult and bizarre laws. China is no stranger to strange laws. Get acquainted with these!

  • Get Your Adrenaline Pumping In China With Some Adventure Sports!

    China may not be the world's adventure capital yet, but it's definitely got its share of activities to get your adrenaline rushing.

  • Quintessential Shanghai Experiences That You Won't Forget

    Shanghai can feel like an overwhelming metropolis to explore. As you zip around the trendiest places in town, it’s easy to lament at how globalization has made all the major cities similar, predictable, and dare I say, boring. The good news is that Shanghai isn’t all that same-old-global-city if you just seek out moments and spots in the city that won’t quite remind you of home.

  • Kunshan and its Water Towns

    Wedged between Shanghai and Suzhou, Kunshan is often overlooked by holidaymakers. Its reputation as a manufacturing hub courting Taiwanese and Japanese company’s to set-up-shop and produce their wares hardly endears Kunshan to tourists. But its superficial modernity bellies the fact that Kunshan was an important centre of culture and trade when Shanghai was still an inconsequential market town. And this heritage is evident within the city proper and beyond in Kunshan’s idyllic water towns. Indeed hearty travellers will be rewarded with architectural wonders, musical marvels and much between.

  • Made In China: Amazing Chinese inventions of the ancient world

    These four Made In China products of the ancient world have changed the course of history. Do you know them?


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