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ZhuangziZhuangzi(庄子, 369BC-286BC) inferior to Laozi was the second representative of Taoism in China. Zhuangzi’s first name was Zhou(周) and generally considered to be the famous philosopher of China’s warring states period. Zhuangzi was born in the region anciently called Meng in Song State(but the exact site of this region at present is not confirmed, some experts thinks it is located in the northeast part of today’s Shangqiu city of Henan province, and the others think it is today’s Mengcheng County in Anhui province). He used to act as the governor of Qiyuan garden in Meng. Extensively, Zhuangzi was accepted to be the great ideologist, philosopher and literary master in Chinese pre-qin history. Originally, his family was a high-class aristocrat in Chu State, and he was also the descendent of King Zhuangwang of Chu State. Due to the warfare, his family moved to Meng of Song State. Zhuangzi was the major founder of Taoism, and to a most degree, the philosophic system of Taoism was most shaped under his influence. The later generations prefer to call him together with laozi, and call them Laozhuang together. And their philosophy is called Laozhuang philosophy, and Laozhuang also becomes a representative of Taoism (actually, there is another symbol called Huanglao, which is the combination of Yellow Emperor and Laozi). Comparing to Laozi, Zhuangzi was more expert in literature. His literary and academic masterpiece was named Zhuangzi, or Nanhua Zhenjing(南华真经, Real Sutra of South China) quite famous as a Taoism sutra in China. the famous chapter of Zhuangzi was the first one called Xiaoyaoyou(逍遥游), or Spiritually and Physically Free Travel, literally translated. Currently, this classic masterpiece has many versions. In short, the basic feature of Zhuangzi’s thought is the oneness of human and nature as well as inaction in spiritual tranquility. In fact, Zhuangzi led a quite poor life, but he still maintain his thought: disdain wealth and rank, privilege and status to keep the independent personality in the turbulent times and pursue the absolute spiritual freedom.

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