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Our Travel Consultant Team 
travel consultants team of is a well-reputed online travel agency in China with a history more than 26 years. The team of our travel consultants is the cornerstone of our professional and high-quality service. The advantages we have – All the travel consultants get a great tourism-related education in some reputed universities. We are quite experienced in itinerary design, tour operation and cost control, thanks to our work in the inbound travel industry for many years. We are expert in hotel selection, tourist sites and best time to travel. We know what our clients need; we care every detail that our clients share with us, and we try to make the service thoroughly meet the needs of clients. The quality of the service we provide is guaranteed with a competitive price. We are young, enthusiastic and eager to travel around the world, and share with all our clients. Some of our consultants as below, plus their contact information -  
Zoe   Christina

Name - Zoe Mao (Mao Yingying)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85278076
Profile - Zoe, excellent in tour design and connection with clients, has helped a great many travelers realize their travel in China. What she shares with us - Travel imparts new vigor to the mind.
The Photography Site - Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province  

Name - Christina Wu (Wu Hao)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85270782
Profile - Christina is a scholarly travel expert and proficient in China-western culture and history. What she shares with us - It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.
The Photography Site - Seabeach, Qingdao  

Sophie Zhu   Sophia Li

Name - Sophie Zhu (Zhu Qiuxiang)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85270580
Profile - Sophie Zhu is a professional travel editor. She likes travel and knows the need of clients. What she shares with us - Travel far enough, you meet yourself
The Photography Site - Yongfu Buddhist Monastery, Hangzhou

Name - Sophia Li (Li Fenglan)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85278093
Profile - Sophia Li is a quite talented editor with a broad horizon. What she shares with us is - The world is a book, those do not travel read only one page.
The Photography Site - Guo's Villa, Hangzhou

eric   David Zhu

Name - Eric Wang (Wang Yulong)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85278319
Profile - Eric is an experienced tour guide and good at operating the adventure trip. What he shares with us is - Life is an never ending adventure, Embrace it.
The Photography Site - Angkor Wat,Cambodia

Name - David Zhu (Zhu Lisheng)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85270580
Profile - David has worked in inbound travel industry for 8 years, and traveled throughout China. What he shares with us - Travel to Learn, Learn to Travel
The Photography Site - Yamdrok Lake, Tibet

Jane Lv   Flora

Name - Jane Lv (Lv Jingjia)
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85278331
Profile - Jane is a well-known travel expert to design itineraries, and works in the travel industry for dozens of years. What she shares with us - Life is a great big canvas, and we should throw all the paint on it we can.
The Photography Site - Russia Taowa Square, Manzhouli

Name - Flora Wu
Email -
Telephone - (+86)-571-85278301
Profile - Flora is an influential lady in the inbound tourism of China. She works for more than 25 years and deeply understands the importance of travel to individual. She says "Travel is a process of education and connection"
The Photography Site - The Office of A.C.T., Hangzhou

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