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Photos of Yuanyang Jingkou Village                                                                                   Editor: Sophia


 Jingkou Village is a typical representative of these villages. In Jingkou Villagem you can not find the imprint of industrialized civilization; on the contrary, it thoroughly shows the outcome of agricultural civilization. If you want to summarize your impression on this small village, two words are good enough: primitiveness for environment and un-sophistication for villagers.


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 kunming-jingkou-village kunming-jingkou-village 1

 Jingkou Village bathed in the morning mist

 Jingkou Village among the terraced Rice Field

 kunming-jingkou-village 23 kunming-jingkou-village 26

 Yunnan Architecture: An residence of Zhu Family

 The Hani Ethnic Minority is the main dwellers here

 kunming-jingkou-village 8 kunming-jingkou-village 10

 Colorful Terraced Rice Field

 Terraced Rice Field in Jingkou Village

 kunming-jingkou-village 14 kunming-jingkou-village 15

 Terraced Rice Field in Jingkou Village

 Terraced Rice Field in Jingkou Village

 kunming-jingkou-village33 kunming-jingkou-village21
 Terraced Rice Field in Jingkou Village adopts a mysterious look  Terraced Rice Field in Jingkou Village adopts a mysterious look
 kunming-jingkou-village28 kunming-jingkou-village9
 Terrraced Rice Field in Jingkou village: an oil painting composed by Hani peole

 Golden Autumn

 kunming-jingkou-village22 kunming-jingkou-village 20

other villages in  Yuanyang County

  Terraced Rice Field

 kunming-jingkou-village19 kunming-jingkou-village13

 Birds thrive here

 Terraced Rice Field

 kunming-jingkou-village 29 kunming-jingkou-village30

 A festival of Hani People is under its way

 Festival held among the terraced rice field

 kunming-jingkou-village5 kunming-jingkou-village6

 the mushroom-shaped houses of Hani people

 The Culture Exhibition House of Hani People

 kunming-jingkou-village18 kunming-jingkou-village16

  Terraced Rice Field

  Terraced Rice Field

 kunming-jingkou-village 11 kunming-jingkou-village7

  Terraced Rice Field

 The Hani People

 kunming-jingkou-village2 kunming-jingkou-village25

 Crooked alleys in Jingkou Village

 Yunnan Achitecture


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