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Photos of Lijiang Stone Drum Town                                                                                             Editor: Sophia


Lijiang Stone Drum Town boasts the marvelous nature wonder:"The First Bend of Yangtze River". Yangtze River in this section is also called Jinsha River, together with Lancang River and Nujiang River, they form the breathtaking spectacle “Three Parallel River” well-known worldwide.


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 lijiang-stone-drum-town9 lijiang-stone-drum-town1
 The First Bend of Yangtze River Yangtze River is the largest river in China and the third biggest on earth
 lijiang-stone-drum-town27 lijiang-stone-drum-town30
 Stone Drum Town nestles among the green rice field 
 lijiang-stone-drum-town7 /lijiang-stone-drum-town6

 Stone Drum Town sits at the foot of green mountains cozily

 in 1936, Red Army trekked across the Jinsha River and the Iron Chain bridge here. A momument has been set up to memorize their heroic deeds
 lijiang-stone-drum-town10 lijiang-stone-drum-town15

The First Bend of Yangtze River

The First Bend of Yangtze River

 lijiang-stone-drum-town1 /lijiang-stone-drum-town11
 The winding Yangtze River

 The First Bend of Yangtze River

 lijiang-stone-drum-town5 lijiang-stone-drum-town12

 Stone Drum Town: the melting pot of various minorities

 Yangtze River slows her pace here

 lijiang-stone-drum-town26 lijiang-stone-drum-town32

 The Terraced Rice Field of Yi Minority

 Stone Drum Town Entry

 lijiang-stone-drum-town3 lijiang-stone-drum-town2
 Various ethnic minorities live in this area

 Qiu Gui Mountain(Thousand Turtles Mountain,千龟山)

 lijiang-stone-drum-town18 lijiang-stone-drum-town29
 This town has been a trade center, transportation hub and military stronghold since ancient time

 Far from the hustle and bustle of modern city

 lijiang-stone-drum-town25 lijiang-stone-drum-town17
 Tie Hong Bridge: Built during Qing dynasty, it is one key stronghold along the over 2000 years old Silk and Horse road(茶马古道). In 1936, the Red Army passed this bridge to head north.

 The pavilion which shelters the drum-shaped tablet

 lijiang-stone-drum-town2 lijiang-stone-drum-town
 Local people play a traditional music instrument called Erhu

  unique painting in Yunnan

 lijiang-stone-drum-town28 lijiang-stone-drum-town31

 the Drum-shape tablet

 Tie-dye and batik

 lijiang-stone-drum-town22 lijiang-stone-drum-town21

For some people, corns is their main diet

 Red Chili

 lijiang-stone-drum-town16 lijiang-stone-drum-town

 Exquisite Architecture

 inviting alleys

 lijiang-stone-drum-town19 lijiang-stone-drum-town20

 Local dish: pancake and bamboo rice, vegetable


 lijiang-stone-drum-town23 lijiang-stone-drum-town24

 Weaved Hats is one local specialty

 Qian Gui Mountain is famous for Karst landform

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