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Photos of Shuhe Ancient Town                                                                                    Editor: Sophia
Shuhe Ancient Town is more serene than Lijiang Ancient City, thus many people choose to stay here to have a glimpse of Naxi people's life and to enjoy the serenity.
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Wooden Wish CardsHandicraftsHotelCrystal water

Shuhe Old Town

 Shuhe Old Town

 The Entry of Shuhe

 Red Lantterns


 Shuhe is connected by waterway

 Stone Bridge

 Cafes amid the greeness

 Old Architecture


 Shuhe Ancient Town

A tranquil Town: Shuhe

Ethnic Groups

Si Fang street
The pastime in Shuhe:  Chat, daydream, read, take a cup of coffee, take some photos The Old hourses in Shuhe

Shuhe in spring

traditional Tie-dye fabrics


Traditional tie-dye

 Snow falls in Shuhe

Wooden Puppets

Shuhe Ancient Town

 Look Familar? This water wheel has almost become the landmark of Lijiang and Shuhe

 Water is the soul of Shuhe

 Handicrafts here are cheaper than Lijiang Ancient City

 Corns and Yak

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