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Photos of Qiongzhu Temple in Kunming                                   Editor: Sophia
Qiongzhu Temple is the first stop of Han Buddhism into Yunnan Province, besides, it is famous for the over 500 Luohan statues which are masterpieces.
 Qiongzhu Temple Luohan Statues
Architecture Complex inside Qingzhu TempleArchitecture of Qiongzhu Temple
 Luohan Statues Luohan Statues
 Luohan Statues
 Luohan Statues
 Wood sculptures Luohan Statues
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple-luohan-statues2  kunming-qiongzhu-temple-rituality
 Luohan Statues Monks carry out the ritual performance
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple-eave kunming-qiongzhu-temple-luohan-statues16
  pointed eave of Qiongzhu Temple Qiongzhu Temple surroundings
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple9 kunming-qiongzhu-temple-luohan-statues 32
 Luohan Statues Luohan Statues
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple11 kunming-qiongzhu-temple22
 Qiongzhu Temple
 Wood Buddha
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple23 kunming-qiongzhu-temple25
 Qiongzhu Temple
 Qiongzhu Temple
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple20 kunming-qiongzhu-temple21
 Golden Buddha Statues Golden Buddha Statues
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple kunming-qiongzhu-temple
 Qiongzhu Temple Cherry Blossom
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple11 kunming-qiongzhu-temple
 Wangyou Gate: forget sadness door Qiongzhu Temple sits among the dense forest
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple  kunming-qiongzhu-temple
 Qiongzhu Temple Decorations of Qiongzhu Temple
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple kunming-qiongzhu-temple5
 Orchid inside of Qiongzhu Temple
 One corner of Qingzhu Temple
 kunming-qiongzhu-temple kunming-qiongzhu-temple
 Daxiongbaodian Palace Huayange Palace is the only Qing dynasty architecture remain intact in Yunnan
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