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Photos of Lijiang Black Dragon Pool                                                                                    Editor: Sophia


Located in Lijiang Ancient Town, Black Dragon Pool derives its name from a beautiful legend.  Black Dragon Pool comprises two pools, one is crystal clear and the other is muddy. Here exists an interesting phenomenon: though connected, these two pools never mix, thus forming the Taiji pattern of Yin and Yang. What is more bizarre is that fishes of two sides never cross the border also.


 lijiang-black-dragon-pool lijiang-ancient-town 

 Black Dragon Palace

 Lijiang Ancient Town

 /lijiang-black-dragon-pool-sunset lijiang-black-dragon-pool-spring

 Boating in Black Dragon Pool at sunset

 A land of flowers: Black Dragon Pool

 /lijiang-black-dragon-pool-night lijiang-black-dragon-pool

 Nearby ancient towns near Black Dragon Pool

 Colorful Yunnan, colorful Black Dragon Pool

 lijiang-black-dragon-pool  /impression-lijiang
 Winter does not deprive Black Dragon Pool of its charm, instead, it accentuate it

 Impression of Yunan

 lijiang-black-dragon-pool-snowmountain lijiang-black-dragon-pool

 Blue sky, Blue Lake

 Winter Evening Glow

 /lijiang-black-dragon-pool-architecture lijiang-black-dragon-pool-street

 Local architectures against the blue sky

Ancient Lijiang reveals herself

 lijiang-black-dragon-pool-ancient-town lijiang-black-dragon-pool

Night view of ancient town near Black Dragon Pool

 Bird's-ey view of one corner of Black Dragon Pool

 lijiang-black-dragon-pool-azaleas lijiang-black-drdagon-pool-cyress

 Yunan: the kingdom of Camellia

 the over 1000 years' old cypress tree of Song dynasty

 black-dragon-pool lijiang-black-dragon-poolpeacock

Black Dragon Pool pavilion

 Peacock thrive here

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