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Photos of Kunming Yuantong Temple                                                                                     Editor: Sophia


Located in Kunming, Yuantong Temple is famous for the co-existence of Buddhism and Daoism. Known as Puluotuo Temple (Potalaka Temple) first, this over 1000 year’s old temple abounds in traditional Chinese garden elements, which distinguish itself from other temples in China. Its outstanding architecture and profound religion content are highlighted by the Yuantong Palace and Copper Buddha Palace. Nestling among the prosperous city, it is a pure land possessing the power of soothing and pacifying...A hybrid of Buddhism branches: the Buddhism of Han people, Tibetan Buddhism and India Bali Buddhism can be spotted here. Thus, you can gain an overall impression of Buddhism here without covering long distance.


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 Kunming Yuantong Temple Yuantong Shengjing Archway
 kunming-yuantong-temple-cherry-blossom kunming-yuantong-temple-insriptions
 Cherry Blossoms during Spring Stone Insciptions
 kunming-yuantong-temple1 kunming-yuantong-temple-decoration
 Incense Burner Dragon: an awe-inspiring symbol in Chinese Culture
 kunming-yuantong-temple-archway kunming-yuantong-temple-pagoda
 Yuantong Shengjing Archway Octagonal Pagoda
 kunming-yuantong-temple-tower kunming-yuantong-temple 20
the sunlit Octagonal Pagoda   three branches of Buddhism meet in Yuantong Temple
 kunming-yuantong-temple 3 kunming-yuantong-temple 8
 the dragons in Yuantong Palace Kunming Yuantong Temple is a site to worship Guanyin
 kunming-yuantong-temple  kunming-yuantong-temple 27
 Nine Dragons Wall Yuantong Temple: a melting pot of different culture
 kunming-yuantong-temple9 kunming-yuantong-temple11
 the Statue of Sakyamuni in Yuantong Palace the candles engraved with auspicious words
 kunming-yuantong-temple31 kunming-yuantong-temple24
 Pilgrims A girl is praying in Yuantong Temple
 kunming-yuantong-temple29 kunming-yuantong-temple-dragon
 The Thai-style architecture Nine Dragons wall (detail picture)
kunming-yuantong-temple28 kunming-yuantong-temple30
 Pigeon on the roof Winding path less haunted by people
 kunming-yuantong-temple32 kunming-yuantong-temple34
 the traces of ancient Buddha still remain Sparrow on the roof
 kunming-yuantong-temple26 yunnan-yuanyang-terrace-field
 Yuantong Temple  Yunnan Yuanyang terrace field
 kunming-yuantong-temple61 kunming-yuantong-temple
 the pointed eaves typical of ancient Chinese architecture Stone Inscriptions
 kunming-yuantong-temple2 kunming-yuantong-temple10
 colorful Eaves Red Lantern
 kunming-yuantong-temple17 kunming-yuantong-temple21
 the Buddha sculpture on the wall still remains intactOctagonal  Pagoda

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