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Photos of Kunming Flowers and Birds Market                                                                     Editor: Sophia
Kunming Flowers and Birds Market, a hot tourism destination in recent years, comprising eight sites. Among them Jingxing and Yongdao Street in downtown Kunming, are most famous.
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 Interior of Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

 Facade of Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

kunming-flower-bird-market kunming-flower-bird-market-camellia

 Tropical Fishes in Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

 Yunnan: the Kingdom of Camellia

 kunming-flower-bird-market2 kunming-flower-bird-market4
Yunan people call themselves as "People of Water". From their residences to Water Splashing Festival, we can see it is true

 A Glimpse of a Tea House

 kunming-flower-bird-market12 kunming-flower-bird-market14
 Orchid of the most complete species, thriving in Kunming

 Unique Plant

 kunming-flower-bird-market6 kunming-flower-bird-market17


 Plum blossom

 kunming-flower-bird-market10 kunming-flower-bird-market13

 Yunnan is famous for its rich biodiversity

 Orchid in Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

 kunming-flower-bird-market kunming-flower-bird-market1

 You can buy various handicrafts here

 Tourists from worldwide thronged into Kunming Flowers and Birds Market
 kunming-flower-bird-market 16 kunming-flower-bird-market26
 Unique plant Beautiful it it, this kind of bell is not suitable for placing in bedroom
 kunming-flower-bird-market9 kunming-flower-bird-market1

 the rare seen Chinese Rose

 Exquisite Handicraft

 kunming-flower-bird-market3 kunming-flower-bird-market21

 Kunming: a city of flowers and nice weather all year around

Exotic Headwears

 kunming-flower-bird-market24 kunming-flower-bird-market25

  Yongdao Street Flowers and Birds Market, the earliest one of its kind in Kunming, also boasts the most complete kinds of flowers in Yunnan province

A profusion of bonsai and pot flowers include Hyacinth abounds within Kunming Flowers and Birds market

 kunming-flower-bird-market18 kunming-flower-bird-market20

 Auspicious Items themed with love or luck


 kunming-flower-bird-market5 kunming-flower-bird-market7

Beidamen Flowers and Birds Market: located in Kunming North Station (Kunming Beizhan), it features various bonsai artworks, stone sculptures, root artworks and flowers.

Beidamen Flowers and Birds Market: The Orchid Association and Root Sculpture Art Association sit here also. Besides, it also harbors a legendary cuisine street which is very famous in Kunming.
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