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Photos of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain                                                                                        Editor: Sophia



J•F•Rock(1884-1962) exclaimed before passing away that he prefer to die among the flowers in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain than to be confined in the hospital in Hawaii. Since Rock set foot on Yunnan in 1922, the affair of a legendary adventurer and a legendary place begins...


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Wood path along Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Autumn


 Blue Moon Valley

 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the kingdom of flowers

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain jade-dragon-snow-mountain-yunshan-plain6
 Baishui River( White Water River白水河) boasts pure and chilly water even during summer Yunshan Plain(Spruce Plain云杉坪) nestles amid the forest and is thought to be the getaway to the lover's paradise
 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery8 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery3
 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the holy mountain in the eye of Naxi People

 Yunshan Plain(Spruce Plain云杉坪) in Autumn

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery19 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-yunshan-plain

 Hutiaoxia (Tiger Leaping Gorge虎跳峡)

 Shanzidou, the summit of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


  Yunshan Plain(Spruce Plain云杉坪)

 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery13

 Village at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

 Yunnan is famous for beautiful clouds

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery16 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery14

 Karst Cave

 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain houses numerous species of Azaleas
 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-blue-moon-valley-trees jade-dragon-snow-mountain-yunshan-plain

 Blue Moon Valley

 Yunshan Plain(Spruce Plain云杉坪): a pasture in highland

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery7 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery

 Love Locks in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

 Wood house in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-scenery12 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-yunshan-plain4

 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Autumn

 Winter is an ideal travel season, this photo is took in Yunshan Plain(Spruce Plain云杉坪)


 ailurus-fulgens rhinopithecus-bieti

 Ailurus Fulgens

 Rhinopithecus Bieti

 yunnan-leopard itibetan-eared-pheasant

 Yunnan Leopard

 Tibetan Eared Pheasant

 yunnan-snow-tea dongba-script

 Snow Tea

 The mysterious Dongba Script

 jade-dragon-snow-mountain-feast-sandieshui lijiang-snack-jidouliangfen
 Naxi people's feast: San die shui. It comprises dessert, cold dishes and hot dishes

 Lijiang snack: Ji Dong Liang Fen


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