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Photos of Western Hills                                                                                                 Editor: Sophia


Located on the edge of Dianchi Lake in the western suburbs of Kunming, Western Hills is about 15km from downtown Kunming. This scenic area stretches from north to south 40km long at an altitude of 2500m. Resembling a sleeping lady lying on the bank of Dianchi Lake with her long hair drooping into the lake, hence its name as "a sleeping beauty".


 western-hills-temples-midair western-hills-sanqing-pavilion1

 Temples in Western Hills

 Daoism thrives in Western Hills

 western-hills-kunming-nightview western-hills-temple-along-cliff

 Standing on Western Hills and see Kunming's night view

 Western Hills and Dianchi Lake

 western-hills-cablecar western-hills-overlook-kunming

 take a cable car and embrace nature

 Bird's-eye view of Dianchi Lake

 western-hills-kunming-residence western-hills-stone-inscriptions

 local residence architecture

 Western Hills is rich in inscriptions

 western-hills-cave western-hill-pavilion

 Tunnel connecting caves in Western Hills

 Pavilion in Western Hills

 western-hills-taihua-temple western-hills-dragongate

 Taihua Temple

 Dragon Gate

 western-hills-dragon-gate-kunming kunming-western-hills-longmen-grottoes

 Dragon Gate

  Dragon Gate sculptures

 western-hills-zhenwudi-statue western-hills-daoism-architectures

 Daoism statue

Zhenwudi Emperor Palace: Zhenwudi is the God for those Daoists. The banner engraved with "Bei Ji Xuan Tian" means the dwelling place of Zhenwudi.
 western-hills-cave-tunnel western-hills-inscriptions

 Tunnel here is engraved with inscriptions and offers plenty of fun

 Buddhism coexisits with Daoism


 Experience the feeling of solitude and awe here

 Dragon Gate Stone Grotto


 Dragon Gate

 Pavilion embedded along mid cliff in Sanqing Pavilion area


  Dragon Gate Stone Grotto

 Western Hills' sunset

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