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Gallery of Golden Temple                                                                                                Editor: Sophia


Golden Temple nestles among the luxuriant forest of Mingfeng Hill( Singing Phoenix Hill) in north suburb of Kunming, Yunnan province. It is the biggest and best preserved copper architecture remains intact in China today. Clusters of delicate Daoism architectures scatter among the dense forest poetically, together with the lush forest, ten thousands of camellia flowers, orchids and plum trees, they bring out a striking scenery.


 golden-temple-taihe--palaceinscriptions-golden-templegolden-temple-taihe--palace1 yunnan-golden-temple

 Taihe Palace

 Stone Inscriptions

 Sunlit red door

 Golden Palace

 kunming-golden-temple classic-garden-yunnan-golden-temple  classic-garden-yunnan-golden-temple kunming-golden-temple-scenery
 Details of Golden Temple


 China Gardening is blended into Golden Temple

 the beauty of symmetry
 entry-yunnan-golden-temple yunnan-golden-temple-sky golden-temple-chenyuanyuan mysterious-golden-temple

 the Magnificent entry of Golden Temple

 the color of Autumn

 Chen Yuanyuan

 one temple here bathed in the smoke of burning incense

 camellia-yunnan-golden-temple golden-temple-details  golden-temple-yunnan-element-garden sparkling-golden-temple

 Yunnan Camellia

 the facade of Golden Temple

 the element of garden

 the sparkling Golden Temple

 classic-garden-golden-temple jixing-gate-golden-temple pavilion-golden-temple-yunnan kunming-golden-temple-taihe-palace

 Traditional Gardening

 Jixing Gate

 Pavilion amid forest

Taihe Palace

 golden-temple-bird-of-paradise golden-temple-daoism-site kunming-golden-temple-autumn travel-golden-temple-yunnan(1)

 Bird of Paradise


 The poetic Golden Temple

Kunming: a flower city

 primrose-yunnan-golden-temple golden-temple-orchid kunming-golden-temple-camellia golden-temple-cactus

 Kunming: home of Primrose

 Kunming:homeland of orchid

 Kunming: homeland of Camellia

 Cactus thrives here

 yunnan-golden-temple-heavenly-gate golden-temple-rare-birds kunming-golden-temple-lake kunming-orchid

 Golden Temple Heavenly Gate

 Rare Birds inhabit within Golden Temple Scenic area

 Stone inscription


 yunnan-golden-temple-cartoons buddha-statues-golden-temple kunming-golden-temple-gate stone-lion-golden-temple

local painters' cartoons

 Statues inside of Golden Temple


 Stone Lion guides theTaihe Palace

 entry-taihe-palace-golden-temple golden-temple-ancient-bell golden-temple-bell-tower1 golden-temple-bronze-artwork

 Entry Gate of Taihe Palace

 the 560 years old bell

 Bell Tower

 Bronze artwork

 golden-temple-jixing-gate kunming-golden-temple2 kunming-golden-temple3 yunnan-golden-temple-ancient-trees

 Jixing Gate

 Golden Temple Scenic Area Golden Temple Scenic Area

 Twisted ancient Tree

 longevity-gate-yunnan-golden-temple yunnan-golden-temple-blossoms yunnan-golden-temple-facade yunnan-golden-temple-stone-inscriptions

 the Longevity Gate

 Golden Temple during Spring

 Facade of Golden Temple

 Stone inscription

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