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Gallery of Red Beach in Panjin, Liaoning Province                                                                    Editor: Sophia


Located in Panjin city, Liaoning Province, Red Beach Scenic Area(Red Seabeach) covers an area of 133333333m2 and is divided into three areas: Red Beach Dock, Reed Sea Crane-watching Area and Moon Bay Wetland Park. Famous for the fantastic “red beach”, the largest and best preserved wetland in the world as well as the massive reed wetland, it harbors 266 kinds of precious birds include the Red-crowned Crane and 399 kinds of wild animals. Thus it is a perfect haunt to embrace nature and to experience the unique sea coastal flavor. Recreational activities include bird-watching, boating and horse racing.


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 Panjin Red Beach

 Red-crowned Crane

 Reed wetland

 Panjin Red Beach

the lush Reed Wetland

 Shells left on Red Beach after the tide receds

 Red Beach has the largest area of Reed Wetland Worldwide Red Beach is home to several hudred kinds of birds

 Red Beach Sunset

 the color of Red Beach turns from bloody red to purple River in Red Beach is broad and winding Crab left on Red Beach
 Panjin Red Beach Wild Geese Wild Ducks on Red Beach Cranes on Red Beach

 the rare seen Pheasant

 panjin-red-beach2 panjin-red-beach-reed-forest1 panjin-red-beach-reed2 panjin-red-beach-autumn

  Moon Bay Wetland Park

 Reed Sea Crane-watching Area Reed Sea Crane-watching Area

 Panjin Red Beach

 panjin-red-beach-pavilions china-red-beach-viewoverlook-red-beachred-beach-panjin-6

 Reed Sea Crane-watching Area

 Panjin Red Beach

 Birds' eyeview of Red Beach

 Red Beach

 panjin-red-beach-green-reedred-beach-scenery red-beach-reed-china burning-red-beach

 Reed Wetland

 the bleeding land

 Peotic Red Beach

 Red Beach

 birds-eyeview-red-beach enticing-panjin-red-beach panjin-red-beach-august panjin-red-beach-rare-bird
 See Red Beach From sky

 the winding sea coastline

Red Seabeach

 Birds' ideal shelter

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