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Gallery of Erhai Lake                                                                                                          Uploader: Sophia

Located in Dali, a city famous for mild weather, lush flora and diversified ethnic flavor, Erhai Lake is compared as a sparkling pear embedded among the Cangshan Mountain and Dali Dam. The charming scenery is composed of temples, bays, Bai Minority residences and islands such as Little Putuo.


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 Erhai in Autumn

 Nanzhao Island

 Bai Minority Architecture

 erhai temple erhai hongshan temple  cangshan erhai erhai

 Hongshan Temple

 Sea Worship Ritual

 Cangshan Mountain&Erhai

 Erhai in Spring

 dali architecture erhai erhai-tianjing-floor bai minority residence

 Bai Minority Temple

 Xiaoputuo Island: one island is a world

 Tianjing Floor

 the Ear-shaped Erhai

 erhai-dali erhai erhai erhai

 Erhai in autumn looks like an oil painting masterpiece

 Serenity alterates with restlessness in Erhai

 Fisherman in Erhai

 Cormorants are good fish hunters

 xizhou-architecture-dali dali-yunnan-erhai-architecture dali-yunnan-erhai-architecture erhai cormorant

 Xizhou Town, Dali

 Xizhou Town, Dali

 Xizhou Town, Dali


 dali batik dali-ersi-snack dali-wase-town-haishao-fish dali-milk-snack

 Dali is famous for batik

 a local food called Ersi

 Wase Town's Haishao Fish

 a milk snack called Rushan

 yunnan  erhai sunset dali architecture erhai map

 Colorful Yunnan

 Sunset in Erhai

 Bai Minority's Architecture

 Cycling Map of Erhai

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