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Gallery of Cangshan Mountain                                                                                            Contributor: Sophia


 Located in Dali, Yunnan province, Cangshan Mountain is also renowned for clouds, peaks, streams and marbles. An ideal hiking place it is. It is home to dense forest, diversified flora&fauna species and rich cultural relics. 19 snow-capped peaks in Cangshang cast reflections on the Erhai Lake, bringing out the breathtaking scenery named as Silver Cangshan and Jade Erhai.


 cangshan-hiking dali-ancient-city cangshan-cloudmountian-cangshan-sunshine 

Cangshan Mountain

 Ancient Dali in Spring

 Cangshan amid Clouds

 Sunlit Cangshan Mountain

 dali-architecture cangshan-cableway cangshan-bridges cangshan-mountain-qingbi-stream

 Dali architecture

 Cangshan Cableway

 Cangshan bridge

 Biqing stream

 cangshan-blue-sheep cangshan-deer cangshan fox cangshan-pheasant

 Blue Sheep

 Cangshan Deer

 Cangshan Fox

Cangshan Pheasant

 cangshan-wild-ox cangshan-elaphurus-davidianus dali-azaleas magnolia-flower
 Cangshan Wild Bull

 Elaphurus Davidianus

 Cangshan Azaleas

  Dali top eight flowers: Magnolia Flower

 cangshan stream wild-azaleas dali lily dali gentian flowers

 Cangshan Mountain


 Dali top eight flowers:Lily

 Dali top eight flowers: dali gentian flowers

 dali-camellia cangshan-orchid dali-primula green-meconopsis

 Dali top eight flowers: camellia

 Dali top eight flowers: orchid

Dali top eight flowers:  primula

 Dali top eight flowers: green meconopsis

 cangshan-azaleas cangshan-orchid cangshan valley cangshan-mountain-waterfall

 Cangshan is home to the giant Azaleas

 Dali top eight flowers: orchid

 Cangshan Valley

 Cangshan Waterfall

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