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Gallery of Lugu Lake                                                                                                                  Editor: Sophia


Lijiang Lugu Lake is famous for enticing sceneries composed of green mountains, crystal blue water, islands, peninsulas and unique custom of Mosuo people, such as walking marriage custom.


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 Mosuo Girl

 Mosuo People's Bonfire Evening Party

 lugu-lake-heilama-temple lugu-lake-mosuo-people

 Black Lama Temple

 Mosuo People's Residence


 Evening Glow in Lugu Lake

 Lugu Lake with dreamy beauty


 Thick Reeds harbor rich flora and fauna species

 Hotspring Near Lugu Lake

 lugu-lake-lijiang2 lugu-lake-lijiang8

 Emerald Green Grass Wetland

  This is not Monet's painting, it is Lugu Lake

 lugu-lake-lijiang10 lugu-lake-lijiang

 Golden Autumn in  Lugu Lake

 Lugu Lake is a Fairyland

 lugu-lake-lige-island  lugu-lake-lijiang4

 Lige Island

 Rainbow spans aross Lugu Lake

 lugu-lake-lijiang  mosuo-village

 Lugu Lake

 Mosuo People's village

 wild-duck-lugu-lake residence-along-lugu-lake

 Ducks thrive in Lugu Lake

 One Residence along Lugu Lake

 lugu-lake-lige-island2 lugu-lake-lijiang7

 Sun-lit Lige Island

 Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island and Lige Island are three main islands in Lugu Lake
 lugu-lake-lijiang12 lugu-lake-lijiang9

 Lugu Lake boasts extremely crystal clear water

 Lugu Lake offers enchanting scenery during four seasons

 lugu-lake-gemu-divine-mountain lugu-lake-lijiang13

  Gemu Divine Mountain, the holy mountain of Mosuo People

A chain of Mosuo villages scatter along Mosuo Lake

 road-to-lugu-lake lugu-lake-lige-island1

The road to Lugu Lake is winding

 Lige Island

 lugu-lake-lijiang5 lugu-lake-lijiang6

Poetic Lugu Lake

Grass Wetland in late Autumn

 lugu-lake-lijiang3 lugu-lake-jiyi-cave

 Mosuo Man

 Jiyi Cave is a newly found giant cave near Lugu Lake. Covering an area of 12km2, this cave is a maze composed of massive stalactites. Measuring 30m at the highest point and 20m at the widest area, it can shelter over one thousand people.
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