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Gallery of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Meseum                                               Contributor: Sophia
 dali museum bronze plate dali museum bronze ware
 Round Bronze Buckle with a Dancing Scene (Warring State Period 475BC-221BC)Bronze Cowrie Container with Sacrificial Scene(Western Han Dynasty 206BC-25AD)
 dali museum bronze artwork dali museum bronzeware3
 Bronze Stick Head with the Figurines of a Standing Ox(Western Han Dynasty 206BC-25AD) Bronze Courie Container with the Figurines of Huntings(Western Han Dynasty 206BC-25AD)
 dali museum buddha statue dali museum buddha statue2

 Bronze Gilted Pagoda Model(938AD-1253AD)

 Ceramics Buddha

 dali museum buddha statues dali museum buddha statues1

 Guanyin Bathed in Moonlight near water

 Six Arms Guanyin

 dali museum buddha dali buddha

Heavenly Guardans and Vajra Statues

 Silver Gilted Bird Inlaid with Beads

 dali-buddha dali-buddha-statue

 Bronze Gilted Vajra (Qing Dynasty)

 Bronze Buddha Statue

 dali-buddha-statues dali-buddha

 Guanyin Statue

 Bronze Gilted Vajra (Qing Dynasty)

 dali museum wood carvings dali museum stone carvings

 Wood Carvings

 Stone Carvings

 dali museum artworks dali museum agate

 Amber Jug with Taibai Pattern( Qing Dynasty)

 Jeweled Gold Earrings

 dali museum jade pot dali museum pot

 Sapphire Snuff Bottle with Motif of Cuttings

 Green Glazed Stem Bowl(938AD-1253AD)

 dali museum pottery dali museum exhibitions

 Pottery Cremation Jar (Yuan Dynasty 1206-1368)

 Gold Cap with Inlaid Ruby and Sapphire(Ming Dynasty)
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