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Impression Liu Sanjie

Impression Liu SanjieImpression Liu Sanjie is a main production with 500 singers, dancers, bamboo rafts and cormorants bids. Impression Liu Sanjie in China is much too famous for its live-action show with the picturesque beauty of Mountains and waters in Yangshuo. However, the stand out performer is definitely the background scenery. The lighting of the karst peaks is truly amazing and is extremely highlighted. Today, since the completion of this large-scale performance, the travel of Yangshuo becomes more colorful. At daytime, travelers get visit to the natural beauty of mountains and waters as well as the local strong custom, and at nighttime, to enjoy the dreamlike show of Impression Liu Sanjie is the must.

The Impression Liu Sanjie was created by Zhang Yimou who is well known internationally as the film director in 2004. Impression Liu Sanjie is an outdoor performance placing its setting in real mountains and rivers in Yangshuo. The performance is based on a Chinese musical movie made in 1961. The story is about a lady called Liu Sanjie who lived in the city of Liuzhou (2 hours from Guilin) where she worked in the fields. Liu Sanjie was well-known in Liuzhou for her great singing voice. She would always sing while she worked in the fields. Most of her songs were about the repression felt by her anImpression Liu Sanjied the farmers from the local landlords who over taxed them. She had to leave Liuzhou for her own safety and came to Yangshuo on a bamboo raft and settled here. Yangshuo's farmers also had problems with their landlord and Liu Sanjie took up singing against them. The local landlord had her kidnapped, but she escaped after the local farmers staged an uprising against the landlord. The locals agreed with the landlord that they did not have to pay taxes if they could sing better than the landlord, something that they always did. Then under the Big Banyan tree, Liu Sanjie tossed her love ball to her loved one, which he accepted and they lived happily ever after. This is a romantic story show that formally shown in a life-size standard.


Performance Time (just for reference, it is subject to alterations)
Spring:First Round,20:15-21:15、Second Round,22:05-23:05
SummerFirst Round 20:00-21:00 Second Round 21:50-22:50
AutumnFirst Round 19:40-20:40 Second Round 21:30-22:30
Monday to Fridayone round per night
National Holiday and weekend two rounds per night





SeatPrice per person (RMB)
Ordinary Seat                         C Seat
Ordinary Seat with Backrest     B2 Seat
Wicker Chair Seat                     B1 Seat
VIP Seat
(President Seat)                      A Area


impression liusanjie
 A   President Seat    B1(Wicker Chair Seat)   B2 Ordinary Seat with Backrest    C    Ordinary Seat


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