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Dafeng Elk National Natural Reserve

On the picturesque seaside of Yellow sea, and near to the south part of coastal rare animal natural reserve there is a nation-class rare animal reserve- Dafeng Elk National Natural Reserve.

Elk folk called Sibuciang (In Chinese,“四不象”means it does not look like other common animals such as deer, horse, donkey, cow), is the only special animal that only live in China. Elk originally was the wild animal lived in the coastal area of the north Jiangsu province. It was the royal tribute in different dynasties. During the time of Qin and Han dynasties, its number was dramatically fell due to human’s excessively hunt and the change of the climate. Up to the time of Yuan dynasty, Elk was just the rare animal available in royal hunting zone. During Qing dynasty, there were only more than 200 elks in royal zone. This is the only elk group in the world. In 1900, eight powers occupied Beijing, the elks were robbed. In 1901, Duke of Bedford of UK spent a lot of money purchasing the only 18 elks in the world from France, German, Holland and Belgium and feed them at his Woburn Abbey Manor in the half-wild way, hence the elk did not fall in danger of extinction.

After the foundation of PRC, many experts appealed to let the elk come back for reproduction and proposed to establishing the natural reserve. In 1985, this natural reserve was established. Elk natural reserve covers 40,000 mu lands. Annually its number is increased by 22.7%. Now it is the largest wild elk group in the world. in 1997, it became the nation-class natural reserve.
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